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What BSH is watching: Jay Polinsky

These are the best shows on TV right now, don’t listen to anyone else.

Premiere Of AMC’s “Better Call Saul” Season 5 - Arrivals Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Yes, you are finally getting one of these from BSH’s resident TV snob extraordinaire. I love me some damned TV and there is rarely a time of year that I’m not wrapped up in at least 10 shows at once. Now the thing is, with no sports, you can be JUST. LIKE. ME. Kidding, I would never advise such cruelty, but heck maybe you’ll spot a show below that you might like to start. Without further adieu...

Better Call Saul (AMC)

Why not start with the best drama currently on the air? Breaking Bad fans will remember the iconic, sleazy lawyer Saul Goodman who is played brilliantly by Bob Odenkirk; though I’m sure everyone was a little skeptical that this character could lead a successful spin-off to one of the greatest TV dramas of all-time. Guess what, he does and spectacularly. The story follows Saul (Jimmy McGill), pre-Breaking Bad, (with some brief glimpses of his post-BB life) as he balances a relationship, a spiteful brother and dipping his toes into the seedy New Mexico underground that we are familiar with. If Saul isn’t enough to hook you in, the gruff henchman from Breaking Bad, Mike Ehrmantraut, is featured heavily as well with some memorable callbacks and cameos. The show is brilliantly written, shot and is already in its fifth season (with a sixth and final already picked up). It does somethings even better than Breaking Bad, go watch now.

How can I watch: Netflix (Seasons 1-4), AMC (Season 5)

Schitt’s Creek (Pop TV)

Schitt’s Creek is very much that show that you hear about and your friends/family recommend constantly, but you never get around to actually watch. First of all, I could never get passed the show’s title for the longest time despite the glowing reviews. Finally, after getting a pretty bad cold, I watched an episode...then an entire season. Before I knew it, I had binged through four seasons in two days. The show has a very simple concept, uber-rich family loses all their money in a Ponzi-like-scheme and are forced to move to *see title*, a podunk town they happen to own that the government had no interest in taking away from them. The show was created by and stars Eugene Levy (see: American Pie, Splash) and his son Dan Levy, but also stars the amazing Catherine O’Hara (Home Alone, Best in Show) and Annie Murphy as the rest of the Rose Family. The show is light, funny and features plenty of tender moments as we see the family grow up and really discover themselves of the course of six seasons. The show features a lot of zany and memorable side characters and always finds a way to make you laugh. Catch up in the next couple days because we are just few episodes away from the show ending for good.

How can I watch: Netflix (Seasons 1-5), Xfinity/OnDemand (Seasons 1-6)

Better Things (FX)

This is a dramedy series featuring comedian Pamela Adlon in a semi-autobiographical show of a middle-aged actress/voice actor raising three girls in Hollywood. The show was co-created/written by Louis CK (gross), but was completely removed from the show after the second season after his public outing (Google yourself if you aren’t aware). The show deals with single-mom parenting, an overbearing mother who is declining mentally, the rigors of Hollywood as a woman, dating and...just life. Her three daughters are the focus of the show with one in high school/college, middle school and elementary who all offer different challenges as far as parenting goes. Better Things really picks up after its first season when Pamela Adlon becomes the sole voice in the creative direction of show and also goes onto direct each and every episode from there-on out. The show is in the throws of its fourth season, but hasn’t been renewed for a fifth yet. Cross your fingers.

How can I watch: Hulu (Seasons 1-4)

Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO)

Curb is really a niche show. If you don’t like awkwardness, this one isn’t for you. Are you still reading, do you like that? Then this is the show for you! Larry David (that guy who co-created Seinfeld) plays a parody of himself and the many, many truly stomach-wrenching awkward scenarios he get himself into on a consistent basis. Think Seinfeld, but even more extra (with much, much more cursing). We are now going on 10 seasons with Curb and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. The show is just chock full of celebrity cameos either playing version of themselves or original characters. The early seasons even feature Seinfeld alums. It’s pretty, pretty, pretty good.

How can I watch: HBO Go (Seasons 1-10)

High Maintenance (HBO)

Never head of this one? Not surprised. This is probably the toughest show to explain and sell you on. It’s an anthology of sorts with no characters repeating from episode to episode, except for its “main” character The Guy. The Guy is a weed delivery courier in NYC. All the characters you see and follow will eventually have some sort of run-in with The Guy (either as a customer or friend). As much as I personally don’t like the city, NYC is a character in itself on the show. The city features so many different walks of life and cultures that the show dives into with its many characters week-to-week. If you are looking for a fun “slice of life” type of show, this is the one.

How can i watch: HBO Go (Seasons 1-4)

Honorable Mentions:

Westworld (HBO)

Do I know what’s going on with this show most of the time? Not really. Are some of the character’s motivations and actions poorly developed? Sure. Do I still enjoy watching it every week? Heck yeah. Sci-fi is very much my thing and this show delivers loads of it. Robots, evil tech companies and lots ‘o boobies. The production values on the show are fantastic and its beautifully shot. We are only just starting season three if you are behind.

How can I watch: HBO Go (Seasons 1-3)

Outlander (Starz)

I’m not sure why I still watch this because I think the show has lost much of its appeal after the second season. However, the wife loves it and it gives us another show to watch and spend time together. The synopsis is a WWII nurse goes back in time to 1700’s Scotland and enters the life of a young Scot (spoiler: they get married) and a ton of stuff happens with incorporation of actual history stuff (Battle of Culloden). It isn’t “high art”, but it passes the time.

How can I watch: Starz (Seasons 1-5)

Narcos: Mexico (Netflix)

I’m sure you all watched the original Narcos on Netflix which followed Pablo Escobar and the Colombian drug war. Did you know the creator has now put out two seasons of a spinoff featuring the rise of the Mexican drug cartels as well? There are plenty of tie-ins and cameos from the original Narcos cast since they happen along the same time-period. The series features outstanding performances from Diego Luna, Scooter McNairy and Michael Pena. The second season just dropped, but hasn’t been picked up for a third year. It’s immensely popular so I’m guessing we aren’t too far off from an announcement.

How can I watch: Netflix (Seasons 1-2)

Dave (FX)

Granted this show is only three episodes into its initial run, but I’m already loving it. Its a semi-autobiographical show about the rapper Lil Dicky (Dave). It follows his rise of trying to be this niche nerdy rapper and also his insecurities about himself (see: lots of dick jokes). Give it a try.

How can I watch: FX/Hulu (Season 1)

Walking Dead (AMC)

Like the walkers themselves, they simply won’t let this show die. I will continue to hate-watch this until the end of time (and given the circumstances of the world, it might not be too much longer!).

How can I watch: Netflix (Seasons 1-9), AMC (Season 10)


What am I playing:

Apex Legends (PS4)

This is IMO, the best Battle Royale game out there right now. For those that aren’t familiar with the format, think Hunger Games. Twenty teams of three-player squads (60 total) are dropped into a sprawling diversely-landscaped map and must work together as a squad to be the last one standing. Players can pick between 12 unique “legends” who all offer different abilities that can help your team make it until the end. It has a cool “pinging” system that allows you to communicate without a mic (though you can still use one if you want). The game is incredibly addictive and fun. If any of you want to play, add me on PS4, handle: Jaypoozle. Also, the game is free!


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