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What BSH is watching: Ryan Quigley

Using my eyes to watch things that are not sports.


There is no hockey and it makes me very sad. Figures that coronavirus waits until the year the Flyers finally look like a competent hockey team to become a thing. But it’s fine. Hockey will be back soon, the Flyers are going to win the Stanley Cup and Gritty is going to be arrested at the parade for public intoxication and indecent exposure (because you don’t really think he won’t go streaking at the parade, do you?).

Like the rest of the BSH staff has done over the last week or so, I’m here to tell you about what I’m watching on the television — or, as my granddad calls it, the “moving pictures”. I honestly don’t watch a ton of TV outside of sports, but due to the fact that sports temporarily aren’t happening, I’m finally getting around to watching the third season of...

Stranger Things

I know, I know. Season 3 has been out since July. I’m way behind, but I’m getting caught up now.

There’s something about this show that’s just so nostalgic. It takes place during a time in which Netflix and Twitter didn’t exist. Not a smartphone in sight. Just a bunch of kids living in the moment. So perhaps that’s where the nostalgia comes from. But I’m also a sucker for nerdy science fiction shows, so this one drew me in pretty quick. It also helps that Stranger Things introduced me to some of my favorite TV characters ever. Eleven is a badass, Dustin is just the most lovable, easy-to-root-for little dweeb ever and Robin, the newcomer in the third season, has turned out to be a really awesome addition to the cast (Maya Hawke, who portrays Robin, is also the daughter of Uma Thurman, so that’s pretty cool).

The fourth season of Stranger Things is expected to come out in the not-so-distant future, so I’m already getting pretty revved up for it. And based on the ending to the third season, one can imagine lots of Russians will be getting dunked on next season. And who doesn’t like watching the Russians lose?


Honorable mentions

Bar Rescue

Listen. You don’t understand. Bar Rescue is the greatest TV show ever. Ever. I could watch Bar Rescue nonstop for the rest of my life, and I’d be happiest person in the Milky Way. Jon Taffer should be the president as far as I’m concerned. You know what he’d do to terrorism? I’ll tell you what he’d do — he’d shut it down.

House Hunters

Don’t ask me why. For some bizarre reason that I don’t entirely understand, I enjoy watching rich idiots decide on what house they’re going to buy. And then I shame them if they don’t pick the house that, in my always correct opinion, is the best.

Breaking Bad

A timeless classic. I’ve watched the series from start to finish several times, and I will continue to do so until my brain melts.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Larry David has to be the funniest man on the planet. No show makes me laugh quite as hard as Curb Your Enthusiasm does, and at I time like this where I’m just bored and miserable in my room all day, good laughs are very much appreciated.

Planet Earth

Not only do I watch Planet Earth regularly, but I decided to buy the complete series on Blu-ray, despite the show being available in its entirety on Netflix. What can I say, folks? I’m a lunatic. A lunatic for nature.