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What BSH is watching: Heather Barry

Sitting on the couch for a few weeks? You got it.

FOX’s Lego Masters - Season One Photo by FOX via Getty Images


As you know I’ve been spending a majority of my free time catching up on photo archives, but lately I’ve been binge watching Netflix shows. Also, let’s add a few video games I’ve been clocking hours into as well since I’m not a big TV gal.

What I’m watching

Chef’s Table

You guessed it, I’m a sucker for cooking documentaries.

Let the dreamy aesthetics take you away as each episode takes you into the life of a Chef from their journey from culinary school to their successful, Michelin star restaurants.

There’s also an episode at South Philly Barbacoa, which is still a place I have yet to visit. (It’s always busy, and you guessed it, TV made it really be a foodie hot spot).

Advisory: do not watch this show on a empty stomach, you’ll immediately regret it.

You can watch this series on Netflix and stream it anytime you want. A new “pastry” series just released more recently and will put you in a baking mood with all of this social distancing.

Lego Masters

If you personally know me outside of sports, I absolutely love LEGO and the LEGO Movies, so this one comes naturally.

Will Arnett (I’m LEGO batman) is the host of this show which airs on FOX Wednesday nights at 9pm EST. The show is packed with bad puns and dad jokes the entire way, which who isn’t a sucker for some dry humor in these times?

Each week, teams battle to create the best LEGO build, aiming for the grand prize of $100,000 and title of “LEGO Master.” Every team of two specializes in LEGO builds, while the challenges change drastically on a weekly basis.

The judges will set a time constraint for each team to focus on their project, and when the time is up each team is judged based off their build and how well it inputs with the theme.

The bottom team gets sent home and puts their custom LEGO characters on the display for all to see. If you’re caught up to speed, the show is at it’s last three teams standing and I already wish it was Wednesday again.

Now, let’s dive into video games.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

This is the first time I’ve ever played this iconic staple, and boy was I in for a surprise. Mr. Nook is basically your generic (but cute and colorful) CEO and capitalism monster, offering a “deserted island, new life” appeal at the beginning of the game.

It’s up to the character to build, establish, and sell items for trade and grow your island into a nice town. This game really comes at a fantastic time for some mindless gaming hours to knock away at the boredom. You can fish, build and customize your house and furnishings, buy items and create your own outfits from head to toe, and so much more.

Animal Crossing is for the Nintendo Switch and also, there’s a free phone app you can connect and play with. Be mindful, this is super addicting and you’ll spend hours playing!

Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo

Die hard J-RPG gal here, fans have waited over 23 years for this remake to be a real thing. I won’t get too into detail, but April 10th cannot come any sooner right?

The demo takes you through the iconic opening scene in Midgar and the beginning of the game much as it’s original counterpart of the Bombing Mission in Sector 1. You play as Cloud Strife, the former First Class SOLDIER and Barrett Wallace, a man with a gun drafted on his arm and leader of AVALANCHE.

The demo takes you through stages of nostalgia, a fresh score as you battle throughout the reactor, deeper storytelling and cut scenes. And what I’m most excited for is the new elements and characters added for depth and modern graphics for my favorite game of all time.

Bonus for you: the demo is free on the PlayStation Store - if you purchase it before the release date, you get a free theme!

If you wanna chat about mindless cooking shows or video game releases, contact me on Twitter @heatherbimages!