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Personality pics: A curated gallery

Wholesome content incoming!

Heather Barry / SB Nation

We’re doing something sort of new around here! One of my favorite things is looking through Heather’s photo galleries that she puts together for us after games and camps and other events, and it’s always cool to see how many jump out at me (even if it makes picking just one for an article that much harder). And as we’re in the middle of this hockeyless wasteland, I thought I’d try a different exercise and pull together some favorites of mine for you all to look at. Maybe you learn a little something about me based on what catches my eye. Or maybe not. Maybe you’ve just got some fun photos to look at. Which is cool too.

Today, I’m focusing on what I’m calling “personality pics,” as something of a change of pace. We all know the hockey player stereotype, of the robotic player who never emotes and only talks about playing a full 60 and getting pucks deep or whatever. But from the access I’ve gotten through this job (not a flex), one of the most fun pieces is getting to see how this isn’t the reality for a lot of guys. So I love when Heather’s able to capture these types of moments—where you get to see a little extra personality from the players. So that’s what we’ve got here, a collection of my favorite moments of emotion, of players just goofing around, and snap shots that make me go “aw, pals” on the inside. Just good, wholesome content for you folks.

A couple of particular favorites and notes:

#5, Travis Konecny: I laughed a lot at this one. There’s just a lot of personality coming through in this one and I’m here for it.

#9, German Rubtsov: I feel like he’s normally one of our most stoic prospects, but you get breaks in that facade every once in a while, which are always great, and I loved seeing this one.

#13, Mikhail Vorobyev: IIRC, this was from last development camp? Just doing a bit of posing. Nothing to see here.

#19, Mark Friedman and Nic Aube-Kubel: Aw, pals!

#20, Connor Bunnaman: I feel like we really just don’t talk enough about how Bunnaman has the perfect toothless hockey smile. That is all.

#23, Isaac Ratcliffe: Just... mood.

#20, Connor Bunnaman and Joel Farabee: “Her sister was a witch, right? And what was her sister?” That’s all I’ve got here.