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What BSH is watching: Craig Forsythe

Just doing something called oh, I don’t know, watching television.

Pittsburgh Penguins v New Jersey Devils Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

We have gone without live hockey for a little over two weeks now and it sucks. It sucks a lot. The NHL and every other major sports league in the world has shut down recently due to the coronavirus. It’s a good call for everybody to be home right now, but the lack of live sports is rough for those of us that don’t watch much else. Here’s what I’ve been watching to handle the lack of sports at the moment.

Actually, before we get into that let me explain what’s been going on with me and my shows. I’ll come right out and say it: I’m a Netflix guy. That’s why, with a heavy heart, I have to share that at the moment I am currently locked out of my Netflix account. It’s a whole dumb thing with my payment method that I could probably fix with a phone call to them, but I ah...don’t really feel like doing it right now? I don’t know, I’m still busy during the days and I apparently like what they’ve been doing over at Hulu so it’s fine at the moment. That said please think of me during these trying times. Alright, now this is what I’ve been watching.

This is good stuff. It was on NBC a few years ago and features Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Donald Glover, and Chevy Chase. It’s your classic story about how a handful of adults formed a study group for a class at a local community college which led to them all becoming best friends.

The study group runs into the usual hijinx that you’ll see in most comedies, but I just wanted to point out a couple of my favorite parts. I love Troy and Abed in the Morning. The jingle cracks me up and I appreciate their professionalism even though there are no cameras recording them. I also love Star-burns. He has some good lines in the show, but the idea of somebody with star-shaped sideburns and the idea that some writer turned that goofy trait into a series-long character is hilarious.

It may not be as good as the other NBC shows based off of broad locations, but it is worth a binge.

How to watch: Hulu

It’s a show about fighting, drinking, and word play which ends up being a simple formula for success. It’s about a brother and sister who run a small farm and produce stand with a couple of friends always hanging out. There are eight seasons on Hulu and I think I watched it all in a week.

The whole series is great, but I think the spelling bee episode is my favorite. A small town just taking an adult spelling bee way too seriously is golden. I also like the soundtrack for the show. I think you could use almost any song during a slo-mo scene in a show or movie and it’d work, but I’m still listening to a bunch of songs from Letterkenny on Spotify.

It’s funny and entertaining, so just watch it.

How to watch: Hulu

Bob’s Burgers
You’re not going to believe this, but I like another comedy that makes its money off of bad puns. Bob’s Burgers has been going strong for almost a decade now and it’s clear why. It’s about a burger joint that is run by the Belcher family.

I like the show and I’m sure it’d still be popular without him, but I do wonder how much of the show’s success is just based on H. Jon Benjamin’s voice. Whenever he and Patrick Warburton make a show together I’ll be the first one to watch.

How to watch: Hulu

Those are the main three shows I’m watching at the moment. I also watch a lot of Seinfeld still, but everybody already knows about that show. I wish I could get into my Netflix account right now because I would watch the crap out Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness. That guy is an absolute nutjob, which usually helps to make a good show.