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What BSH is watching: Kyle Frey

A lot of Twitch and Youtube, some TV, and no sporps, very sad about the sporps part.

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While we actually had live sports to consume I fell behind on quite a few TV shows that I previously watched a good bit of, so I guess this whole postponement is good for something? Nah, scratch that, still horrible. Anyway, what the hell am I watching?

What I’m watching: TV Shows

Survivor (Winners at War)

I won’t go too far into this, since Ryan covered it in his post, but I’ve become about as obsessed with Survivor as I am with Big Brother. No, I do not love all reality TV shows, but I do enjoy some! And I’m really enjoying this season. Won’t give out any spoilers for those who haven’t watched, but I highly recommend getting into this show. Would never want to be on it given my disdain for bugs and the outdoors in general, but hey the challenges are entertaining as can be.

What I’m watching: Youtube/Twitch

MLB The Show 20 Content

So in case you aren’t following me on the Twitter I’ve been obsessed with the new MLB The Show game that just came out, and that’s carried over into my Youtube/Twitch views. If you’re a fan of the game like myself, I’d recommend checking out the following content creators:

  • Shelfy (he’s a Philly fan so he gets bonus points)
  • KevinGohD
  • Mills (Twitch only)
  • Daddy Dimmu
  • Clutchsilver


Thanks to the glorious place that is Youtube there’s plenty of old hockey games for us to watch and hold us over until the season resumes, whenever that might be. The other day I just watched game two of the Eastern Conference Final in 2000 between the Flyers and Devils, and while it was slightly depressing knowing the end result, it was still fun as hell. Rick Tocchet scored what the fans thought was a hat trick but wasn’t, so a few thousand people lost their hats that day, but it was a 4-3 Flyers win so I’m sure they didn’t care.

I was going to go to my very first Phillies home opener this year so watching old MLB games has somewhat helped ease the pain, but it’s still quite the bummer. And yes, I do enjoy cars going in a circle for three hours, don’t @ me. There’s basically every race dating back to the mid 1980’s on Youtube, so there’s plenty for me to dive into.

What video games I’m playing

NHL 20

I hadn’t touched this game in months but here we are! Needed a hockey fix so I decided to boot it up and surprisingly I’ve actually had a decent amount of fun playing EASHL. Speaking of the best mode EA NHL has to offer (yeah it’s better than HUT, by a long shot), there might be some BSH EASHL content coming your way shortly. *insert eyes emoji here *

MLB The Show 20

Already mentioned, but this game can either be one of the most rewarding experiences playing video games or the absolute opposite. If you play the game I’m sure you’re just as frustrated as the masses with the patch they put out basically a week after the game released and essentially broke hitting. It’s still extremely fun, and there’s so much to do in the game, but man it’s annoying they had to go and change a good thing.


An oldie but a goodie. As I’m sure any of you who mainly play sports video games know, they can be incredibly infuriating at times, so GTA is a nice break from the serious gaming that can be online play in MLB or NHL. It’s almost a decade old but still manages to give me plenty to do, especially when playing with an old work friend.