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Teams tend to win when their players score

And more shocking trends.

Buffalo Sabres v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Len Redkoles/NHLI via Getty Images

The Flyers have won a lot of games this year, and one stat that has been thrown around lately has been the team’s record when “x” player either scores a goal, or registers a point. For example, the Flyers are 31-9-2 when Travis Konecny records a point. OK. What does that tell us, exactly? That when the Flyers’ leading point scorer contributes offensively that they tend to win the game?

*Owen Wilson voice* Wow.

It’s similar to how the team that scores first will win a majority of the time — scoring a goal greatly increases your chances of winning a game, while getting scored on does the opposite. The first goal isn’t magic, teams that score the second goal of the game are just as likely to win as teams that scored the first tally.

And to be clear, this isn’t a Philly-specific thing. This is an every-city-that-has-a-winning-hockey-team thing. But instead of looking at more examples of these, we’ve gone ahead and found some records when “x” happens this season that are no less useful, and are absolutely chilling.

  • When Claude Giroux scores an even strength goal at home? Undefeated.
  • Since Kelly (@hinx) gave up Twitter for lent? Undefeated.
  • When Brian Elliott has an assist? Undefeated.
  • Games on the same day that a new episode of The Bachelor airs? Undefeated.
  • When the Flyers score more goals than their opponent? Un-de-feat-ed.

BONUS: when the PPL Center plays Dancing Queen by ABBA during a Phantoms game? You guessed it, undefeated. (we think.)

These are clearly not just coincidences. If Elliott could start racking up points we’d be set. Just don’t let Matt Niskanen score anymore, since the team has a worse record in games that he scores a goal than in games that he doesn’t.

Now, if you’re wondering why I’m half-poking fun at, half-complaining about something so trivial in the midst of the team’s nine-game winning streak, I just took a personality quiz and it told me that I’m neurotic — that’s why.

All of this is to say that goals being scored, by any player, make it more likely that their team wins. And when that player’s team is good, their team’s record when they score is going to be fantastic. That’s all there is to it.

Now don’t get me started on game-winning goals.