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Caption winner! April 17 edition

You guys need to get weirder.

NHL: Philadelphia Flyers at Los Angeles Kings Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve got our first winner in the ongoing, possibly-never-ending, Quarantine Caption Contest™! What a momentous occasion, truly.

And the winner is...


BSH regular and friend of the Fly By, mhaas12!

We offered up this picture, shot by BSH photog Heather Barry:

Heather Barry

And this was the winning caption:

Jackson: “Pitlick up the right wing, dishes into the middle across the blue line, over to…”

Jonesy: “Oh my god.”

[a song begins to faintly crackle over the arena speakers]

Jackson: “Looks like Kevin Hayes, but…”

Jonesy: “Oh my god.”

[the music builds, and an iconic guitar riff reverberates throughout the stadium]

Jackson: “He’s wearing a Hayes jersey, but I think that’s…”

Jonesy: “No. It can’t be.”

[Johnny Rzeznik’s voice explodes over the loudspeaker with a Goo Goo Dolls signature hit: “COULD YOU WHISPER IN MY EAR…”]

Jackson: “Oh my god, that’s Andrew MacDonald’s music!”

Lengthy? Sure. But we’re not all into that whole “brevity” thing. It’s hilarious. Laughter is the goal here, pals.

Today’s contest photo is live, so click on these hyperlinked words and get super weird. Winner revealed tomorrow!