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Caption winner! April 20 edition

Decisions, decisions...

NHL: Columbus Blue Jackets at Philadelphia Flyers Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Our caption contest rolls on and it’s time for us to pick another winner! I know, I know, this is a delightful development, I’m sure you all can barely contain your excitement.

In case you missed it, we asked you fine folks to give us your best caption for this photo, which is truly just a sight to behold.

Heather Barry / SB Nation

And we won’t hold you in suspense any longer. Our winner is *drumroll*

konecvor! With this beauty!

You want me to put a helmet on this hair?

Simple, to the point, and the energy seems just right, you know? You can really hear this in Hayes’s voice, right? Good stuff.

We’ll keep the caption content going, so stay tuned for your next chance at victory and glory!