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Thursday Morning Fly By: These ideas are getting nutty

Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Flyers news and notes…

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Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

*Okay before we get into whatever Flyers stuff there is to link about today, we have to talk about this draft nonsense. Apparently, the NHL is considering holding the draft before the season ends. HOW IN THE WORLD?! They’re, of course, seeing how the remote thing goes for the NFL. [TSN]

*Holding the draft in June, before we have a draft order and a list of lottery teams and a bunch of conditional picks worked out... there are so many questions. So many. [Sportsnet]

*They’re also kicking around this idea of holding all the games for each division in one city. Which... maybe? [Second City Hockey]

*It’s worth asking, though, just how realistic any of these ideas are. [The Hockey News]

*Anyway... you can draw a line from 2003 to Travis Konecny and that’s pretty neat. [BSH]

*Scott Hartnell has nothing but good things to say about Claude Giroux. Very high praises. [NBC Sports Philly]

*If the NHL is playing games in July, theoretically, contracts can expire during games. Like... they can’t, but what if they did? DGB is thinking on it. [The Athletic]

*And finally, we’ve got a brand new FUQ show for you! And Bill Matz is on it. So you know it is good. [BSH]