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On this date in Flyers history: LeClair leads the way in crucial game four win, Gagne scores his last in Orange and Black

90’s Johnny Hockey, basically.

John LeClair

Though April 22nd produced one of the more famous recent memories for the Flyers of late, April 23rd has been rather quiet to say the least.

There was Simon Gagne scoring his 264th —and last— goal as a Flyer vs. the Bruins in 2014, and a couple early round playoff escaped but this date in Flyers history belongs to the Legion of Doom yet again.

Already trailing their 1996 Eastern Conference Quarterfinal, 2-1, to the underdog Tampa Bay Lightning, the Flyers leaned on two John LeClair goals and two assists from linemate Mikael Renberg in a 4-1 win on the road in game four.

After watching the Lightning win games two and three in overtime, the Flyers allowed just three more goals in winning three-straight to close out the series in six games.

Despite their top seeding in the Eastern Conference, the Flyers proved beatable by the plucky Lightning and were unceremoniously ousted in six games in the Conference Semifinals by the Florida Panthers in the next round. Florida would go on to lose in the Stanley Cup Final against Colorado while the Flyers would have to wait another year where they ran into the buzz saw that was the Detroit Red Wings.

So maybe it’s not really much of a great day in Flyers history after all in that respect, but damn was Simon Gagne fun to watch in his prime.

Here’s a memory that involves both Gagne and a boatload of fun.



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