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BSH round table: Best and worst jerseys

This is a call-out post.

Detroit Red Wings v Boston Bruins Photo by Steve Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images

We’re going for a slight change of pace around here, and some of our staff members are going to take a turn as the fashion police. We have to look at a lot of different jerseys (or sweaters, if you will) throughout the course of the season, and we’ve got some feelings about which ones are good and which ones, well, aren’t. We’re talking about our favorite and least favorite jerseys in the league! Let’s see what our panel has to say.


Best: Detroit (road): I actually don’t really have a very detailed breakdown on this one. I’m just a big fan of this shade of red, and the road whites are just really crisp. Big fan of these.

Worst: Anaheim (home); I voted for the home jerseys as being worse, but really I think both of the Ducks’ jerseys aren’t great. I don’t really love their logo, and then the combination of the orange with the gold/beige situation isn’t one that I’m super fond of. So I think it’s really the color combination that isn’t doing it for me. That’s the big thing.


Best: Chicago (road): It truly pains me to do this because, well, it’s the Hawks. But, I gotta admit both of their jerseys are absolutely fantastic, with the edge going to their road attire.

Worst: Calgary: home/road: I can’t pick between the two of them, but why the hell is Calgary still using this shade of red when they have their classic alternates RIGHT THERE. Also, if they’re hellbent on keeping this darker shade, use the jersey style they had pre 2004 lockout so the black pops more. The striping down the side has looked awful ever since we saw it with the Reebok Edge jerseys introduced in 07-08, just get rid of it.

Ryan Q.

Best: Lightning: I don’t know what it is, but I’ve always loved Tampa’s uniforms. Probably has something to do with the logo. They’re simple, but they work. I think they’re a huge upgrade from the unis they used to wear back in the 2000s, even though they’re basically identical to Toronto’s sweaters. I’m probably the only one on the planet with this opinion, but whatever. Do something about it.

Worst: Panthers, Wild: I just can’t stand the horizontal stripe going across the chest of these uniforms. Like, who do you think you are? The Canadiens? The Panthers used to have a really fun uniforms, and now they’re just trying too hard. It’s a shame. And the Wild have way too much going on. If there’s one team in hockey that could use a total rebrand (new logo and uniforms), I’d think the Wild would be it.


Best: Bruins (home): Is this sacrilegious? It might just be. Apologies, but the Bruins’ home jersey is very aesthetically pleasing to me. The stripes are good, the logo is good, and the shade of gold is both good on its’ own, and looks a lot better than what they have going on over in Western PA. They’re slick.

Worst: Panthers (both): Going to agree with R-Quigs here; not a fan of the horizontal stripe. And if you’re going to use it, make it go around the whole jersey! Having it stop on the sides is weird. Anyway, I like the logo, and definitely think that they needed to rebrand, but the jerseys just don’t work for me. I also don’t like the numbers being on the shoulders, but I do give them points for trying something different (for hockey) there. There’s definitely a jersey I could get behind with that logo, I’m just not sure what it’d look like.


Best: Jets (alternate) and Coyotes (alternate): It’s a very close tie between the bright blue Winnipeg jersey with “Jets” written in a cursive font, and the classic 90’s jersey the Coyotes brought back this year with the black, green, and red Kachina style. If I had to chose one though, I’d probably go for the latter. The design of logo is just so interesting, and I also like the multicolor stripe on both the bottom of the sweater and sleeves.

Worst: Rangers (all): The Rangers have had the same jersey, in essence, since the 60’s and 70’s, and I just...don’ it. It may be classic, but I think it’s just a bit too boring, and the 3D block letters are strange and have always been weird to me. I know some people really don’t like the old alternate jerseys they used to wear with the Statue of Liberty on them, but they’re some of my favorites actually. Bring those back!