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What BSH is listening to: Kelly Hinkle

It’s... a list.

Tampa Bay Lightning v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Len Redkoles/NHLI via Getty Images

I’m kind of weird with music. In that I don’t often just listen to it. For me it is always an accompaniment to some activity; I listen to music when I run, when I’m driving, when walking around the city or taking the bus. So while I have very definite preferences and favorites, I don’t really actively listen to anything regularly. But there are some things that rotate through quite a lot these days, and I’m going to tell you all about them.

Welcome Interstate Managers, Fountains of Wayne

This is the first album I’ve listen to straight through, start to finish, in YEARS. And I’m doing it for Charlie’s new music & movies podcast, to which you absolutely should listen. Turns out, you can really appreciate the themes and tone of an album if you listen to it in this way. I’ve enjoyed it a lot. And, also, I don’t know why I hated the song Stacy’s Mom so much. It’s a banger.

Custom 90s playlist on Spotify

Someone on Twitter was kind enough to share their 90s music playlist with me a few months back and I love it. It’s got everything: Blues Traveler, Spin Doctors, Lisa Loeb, Veruca Salt. If you’re my age this is like, every song that was on Y100 in high school. This is the playlist I turn to when I get tired of listening to a podcast and I just want something I know I’ll enjoy.

Custom I Hate Running playlist on Spotify

So as you may have gathered, I hate running. But I do it quite a lot because I keep signing up for the Broad Street Run like a dummy and then I have to train for it. I generally like to listen to podcasts when I run, but on the long runs I tend to get to a point at which I want some music. This list is comprised mostly of upbeat pop songs that I can sing along to, because for some reason I have found that singing out loud while running makes me feel less like dying while running. So we’re talking a lot of Lady Gaga, some Pink, some Missy Elliot, a shameful amount of *NSYNC. I apologize for nothing.

Various and sundry podcasts

Podcasts are generally my preferred category of audio content for things like running, bus riding, walking... it’s nice to learn stuff in a really passive way. I listen to a few podcasts very regularly: The Joe Rogan Experience (not all episodes, I generally pick guests that I find interesting. I’d rather die than listen to a two hour podcast about MMA), Chapo Trap House, and Milk Street Radio, which is a cooking podcast from the public radio folks.

I’m also listening to an audio book, but I’ve decided to leave that for the “what we are reading” series. Cliffhanger!