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The dogs of Broad Street Hockey

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Recognizing our favorite pups!

Steph Driver took this

We’re celebrating underdogs this week at SB Nation, but we’re also celebrating, well, just regular dogs too. Do you love wholesome content? Well, we’ve got some right here for you. Read on as our staff tells you a little bit about their pups! What a time to be alive!


This is Chelsea:

She’s a 5 year old black lab, and since she lives at my family home, I don’t get to see her very often and I miss her dearly. She loves to watch hockey, and incessantly bark at both Barclay (the Blues’ team dog) and any close up of a face off. She’s the only dog I know that seems to genuinely watch television, and sincerely focus her attention on what is happening on screen.


While my old pup Homer is no longer with us, an interesting development has occurred with my one remaining pet - Foppa (cat):

When I moved to Canada for a spell, Foppa couldn’t come with me right away as my pals that were allowing me to stay with them are Not Cat People. This was okay, because luckily I have parents that are very kind and helpful and agreed to take Foppa in while I was off having a midlife crisis. Well, over the six months that he was their cat, my parents have turned him into a dog. A full-on dog. Foppa now begs for treats. Here he is barking at my mother for taking too long with the biscuits.

He sits at the side of the dinner table and begs them for food. Like a dog might. My parents, the monsters, oblige him. Which is why he’s a dog now. I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to transform Foppa back into a (cat), so for now I’m leaning into it and seeing if he might want to go for a walk sometime.


Below is Tywin, he is a half-weimaraner/half-American bulldog. He is 7 years old and all he wants is cuddles and treats. His anxiety and timidness can be a bit much at times (weimar side of him), but he will bond with just about anyone if you give me time and space.

My other pup is the complete opposite. Max (3 year old mutt) is the most social-able dog I’ve ever seen. He’s never met a human or dog he doesn’t love. All he asks from you is that you keep playing with him (tug-o-war and fetch are his favs) until he gets too tired to move. His favorite winter-time activity is to fall asleep in front of the fireplace.


Allow me to formally introduce Bear Driver. Bear is a six and a half month old surprise breed puppy. Bear’s mother was rescued from a high kill shelter in Texas by MatchDog Rescue, then surprise, mama Nola gave birth to seven healthy puppies as soon as she was safe in her foster home.

Look at these bubs

I got to meet Bear as a tiny nugget of a pup when he was just seven weeks old, he fell asleep in my arms and buried himself in my hair. I brought him home a week later. It hasn’t been easy to have a puppy in the time of quarantine, and it certainly wasn’t easy to try to house train during the whole of winter, but this little man is so worth it.

He’s incredibly sweet and intelligent, he loves his kitty friends, cuddling with mommy, and going to doggy daycare. His best friend is Max Polinsky.

Also a tiny memorial to Missy Driver who died in June 2019, my forever best girl and fifth cohost of BSH Radio.


Readers, meet Kota!

He’s four, he’s a Labrador Retriever, and is apparently somewhat exasperated by having his photo taken. He loves swimming (through weird weeds in the lake specifically) and playing fetch. He never really wants to quit catching frisbees—he just demands breaks, during which he’ll lay down on top of the frisbee, refusing to bring it to you to throw again or letting you have it to bring it inside to call it a day. A big fan of outside but somehow an even bigger fan of laying in sunspots/directly in front of space heaters and hoping that you’ll share your snacks with him.

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And this is him when he was a baby, because puppies are cute and sometimes I forget that he was small once.

I’m also cheating a little bit and including my sister’s dogs, because they’re something like my dog nephews. Here are Niko and Nabu, they’re brothers, Huskies, a year old, and they’re pure chaos. They love to yell, they will destroy any toy you give them, and their new favorite hobby is looking out the front door and windows of my sister’s house and watching the street cats outside. I don’t think they like those sweatshirts. They’re perfect.