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BSH round table: Favorite Marvel movie

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Our staff weighs in!

SPAIN-CULTURE-COMIC-FAIR Photo credit should read PAU BARRENA/AFP via Getty Images

It’s Marvel Week over here at SB Nation, and we’re all gearing up for a some fun content over the next couple of days. Everything is sports now, and we’re diving right into this theme.

So, let’s chat with our staff for a little bit here. What are our favorite Marvel movies? Glad you asked!

Maddie (Captain America: The Winter Soldier): This was a tough call for me, because I also really love both of the new Spiderman movies, I think they’re just a whole lot of fun, but Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the one I really keep coming back to. This one is mapped like a more traditional spy thriller, and those are always ones that appeal to me, so this kind of checks all the boxes for me. It does a lot of important character work, as well, with some introductions and deeper looks at motivations, but it never feels like it’s trying too hard to make sure it squeezes in everything that it needs to. It’s just great.

Drew (Logan): I simply ADORE this movie. I find that a lot of super hero films can become repetitive, and I appreciate when something new comes along and completely breaks the mold. That’s why I loved Black Panther, but it still doesn’t beat how I feel about Logan. It’s different in that not afraid to throw the kind of super hero commodore out the window. Logan isn’t necessarily the most likable character in this film. He’s at a fairly weak point, and years of exhaustion and turmoil have changed him. However, by the end of the movie I found myself doing a 180 on his character, and I found the grittiness and raw emotion of the film to be a needed breath of fresh air.

Brad (Deadpool): Listen, I had to google if Deadpool was even in the Marvel universe, that’s how little I know about not only Marvel, but movies in general. They’re not my thing, but I digress. I think it’s a very easy watch — albeit cynical, which I find enjoyable — and sometimes you just need to watch something that really leans into that vibe. I really don’t know how to describe it, so I’ll just say I like it and hop out of this post.

Steph (Iron Man): I haven’t seen a Marvel movie since then so this seems like a logical answer. I will be watching one more this week though! I know, I know, I’m terrible.

Kyle (Deadpool): Before it came out I probably would have went with Maddie’s choice on Winter Soldier, but man Deadpool is such a great movie and one of the last Marvel movies I’ve seen.

Jay (Spiderman: Homecoming): This isn’t actually my answer. My favorite MCU movie is easily Captain America: Winter Soldier. My favorite non-MCU Marvel movie is without a doubt Logan. For the sake of this article I’ll pick something different that I also like a lot. This movie really has it all in the best live-action portrayal of Peter Parker and the first memorable villain (Michael Keaton as Vulture) since...Loki. The latter being impressive because there are a multitude of baddies leading up to that film that are utterly meaningless. The film is fun, adorable and has just enough of snarky Tony Stark that its enjoyable from start to finish.

Steve (Captain America: Civil War): I should have gotten here sooner before Maddie and Jay picked my two favorites. Still, I certainly have no quarrel gushing about Captain America: Civil War for a paragraph or so. Civil War’s biggest issue is that it’s essentially two movies, both a Captain America movie about nefarious Soviet-era spywork and a knockdown war between Captain America and Iron Man. But man, I love both of these movies. The action sequences are superb. Cap and Bucky fighting off a SWAT team in Bucharest is thrilling. The airport fight between Cap and Iron Man’s respective teams is a tremendous super hero movie in and of itself. That final battle between Iron Man, Cap, and Bucky that leaves a friendship in tatters gets me juuuust a little bit every time (“He was my friend. ”So was I...”). Well, I’m definitely throwing this one on right now.