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Oskar Lindblom is skating again

Stop the presses! Good news!

Heather Barry / SB Nation

Who needs some levity! In the midst of an otherwise pretty normal (well, whatever normal looks like now) Tuesday, the Flyers dropped a pretty generous bit of good news on us this afternoon. That’s right, folks! Oskar Lindblom is back on the ice and skating with some of his teammates. At long last.

And take some video too!

Now, this doesn’t mean we should expect to see him rejoining the team in a very official capacity for a while, as per Sam Carchidi, Lindblom won’t be playing in the 24-team tournament/playoff situation, but that felt more or less expected. And there are probably also questions about whether it’s a great idea for him to be out and skating while we’re still in the midst of a pandemic, but I’m not a medical doctor, that’s not for me to weigh in on. The point remains that Lindblom is feeling well enough to be skating, and this bodes well, is just a massive piece of good news, and I’ll certainly take that.