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Slap shots: Maddie’s picks

A curated gallery!

Heather Barry / SB Nation

A peek behind the curtain: so often a big part of my writing process, after games and otherwise, involves getting positively derailed when going into Heather’s galleries that she puts together for us to grab a single photo to use for the article because there just end up being too many that I like. And I’m indecisive, so it really turns into a whole thing. This also means that there are a lot of really cool photos that are still living in those galleries that I haven’t gotten to use yet, and that’s a real shame. But that’s why we’re here today!

I’ve put together a quick little gallery of some of my favorite action type photos Heather’s taken this season, a bunch of the ones that have really caught my eye for one reason or another (and I’ll tell you the why for some of those below). So here, take some cool and fun visual content to spice up this Monday, and maybe you’ll learn something about my tastes along the way too. Who’s to say?

2, Travis Sanheim and Kasperi Kapanen: Snow! These just sort of feel like iconic hockey shots to me, guys kicking up snow, and I’ll never not appreciate them.

4, David Rittich and (a very tiny) Carter Hart: I’m sorry about this one, content-wise. That’s the Flyers losing and that’s bad. But the framing here is just perfect and I love the emotion Heather caught from Rittich. Just a really fun shot.

8, Carter Hart: Okay, a more positive Hart one now. Like with the snow photos, I love the goalie spraying water in the air shots. Another classic, always fun.

12, Wells Fargo Center lights: The lights shows in the arena are really great, they do a fantastic job with them, and getting a piece of that is super cool. The coloring, it’s just great.

13, Nicolas Aube-Kubel and Connor Clifton: In general, so many of these shots that come from this spot behind the net, I end up loving. But this one especially is great. It’s getting filed away under the list of photos I look at and just think “mood.”

18, Claude Giroux: Honestly I don’t have a breakdown, this celebration is great and I’m thrilled Heather caught it.

22, Aube-Kubel and Joe Thornton: I really like these sort of “taken a step back” photos, where you get the actual game action but also see the camera portal. I don’t have a great explanation for that, but I think a bit of variance in framing is cool, and this has a neat effect.

24, the group in Tampa: Love the black and white, love the change in getting to see down the tunnel. Just very different from what we normally see from game photos, and I think that’s really striking.