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Chris Pronger trolls us all, just because he can

A cryptic Instagram post in his Flyers jersey with “stay tuned” turned out to have quite the effect on social media over the last 24 hours.

Montreal Canadiens v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Len Redkoles/NHLI via Getty Images

When Chris Pronger posted a picture to his Instagram account on Tuesday evening in his Flyers jersey and the caption “Big announcement coming tomorrow, stay tuned,” our imaginations ran wild on what the former captain could be hinting at.

Oh he’s totally coming back, this rules.
@thechrispronger Instagram

Would Pronger, who just left his position in hockey operations with the Florida Panthers, be returning to the Flyers in some hocked-related capacity? Was perhaps something else on the horizon such as a Flyers Hall of Fame announcement?

Pronger accomplished his goal of riling up the masses, and left us all wondering just what was to come.

The big announcement? Not a return to the Orange and Black, but a jersey giveaway from Pronger’s time with the Flyers via an Instagram Live event to take place on July 22nd at 6pm CST with the help of captain Claude Giroux of course.

Hey there’s Claude!
@thechrispronger Instagram

The rest of the post, straight from the Hall of Famer:

Well, it seems to be that time for the announcement you have all been waiting for. With all the ballots being tallied I am happy to tell you that the giveaway Jersey will be from my playing days with the Philadelphia Flyers! With that and the upcoming NHL playoffs, I thought we could have some fun with it and get a Flyer on to discuss his excitement. Not just any Flyer but the Captain of the @philadelphiaflyers, Claude Giroux.

I also thought... well if we are giving away a Flyers Jersey, then we should have one of the biggest Flyers fans in Hollywood on, David Boreanaz. Still with me so far? With the Flyers, there is always one team that comes to mind and that is the @nyrangers. It is a bitter rivalry and the next guest after these two will be Michael Rosenbaum. Ohhh, the stories he could tell … and makeup are fantastic. And finally, to round out this incredible IG Live lineup I wanted to bring in a good friend, Darleen Santore, famously known as “Coach Dar” who works with a number of Professional Athletes to achieve their goals in life, in and out of professional sports.

Thank you all for your love and support while waiting for this announcement. While this may not be the announcement you were looking for, we are excited to bring you a great IG Live session to promote the upcoming NHL Playoffs and to get an inside look at how this layoff has affected not only a player, but fans of the sport as well.

Pronger was no stranger to mixing things up both on and off the ice during his storied NHL career, and though his days of stealing pucks are over the man can still troll with the best of them.

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