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Why we hate the San Jose Sharks

But also maybe we’re more alike than we are different.

NHL: San Jose Sharks at Philadelphia Flyers Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

In continuation of SB Nation’s rivalry week, and our Philadelphia vs everyone approach, we’re going to talk about the teal team out West today; the San Jose Sharks. You might be asking what a Flyers fan has against the Sharks, but don’t fret, we have enough to distaste to go around.

You eight-two see it

Let’s get the most recent reason out of the way first — 2018’s home opener. Not only did the Sharks ruin our home opener, but they ruined Gritty’s regular season debut, all in blowout fashion. If you’ve forgotten that game, congratulations. But here’s a quick rundown to bring that repressed memory back:

  • Things looked OK for about three and a half minutes
  • Two goals in 11 seconds
  • 4-0 after the first period
  • Only one goal allowed in the second! Hooray!
  • Oh no things are bad again
  • Time to allow a shorthanded goal while already down 7-1

In the grand scheme of things, there’s no real grudge to hold here, and it really served as a now-welcomed sign of things to come. But still, thanks for killing the vibe of the first game in Philly! The first of the season!

2016 Final

In the team’s lone trip the Stanley Cup Final, they dropped the series in six games to the Penguins, who would go on to hoist the Cup in back-to-back seasons. The series, despite going to six, was not particularly close. Martin Jones was phenomenal, even posting a 44-save performance in game five, but the Penguins were just too dominant.

Though maybe they deserved the loss after trading two second round picks for Roman Polak.

Still, we hate the Sharks for losing and giving our biggest rival their fourth title.

Erik Karlsson was finally on a contender, and then ...

And then he wasn’t. After years of playing for a mediocre-to-straight up bad Ottawa Senators team, Karlsson was finally playing for a true contender. The best defenseman the league has seen in a long time was finally going to have a real shot at getting a ring, and after one season it came to a screeching halt.

The Sharks took a nosedive out of nowhere, and won’t even be a part of the NHL’s 24-team return to play plan, should it take place. Now, Sharks fans are obviously the most bothered by this, but all hockey fans are missing out on more of playoff Karlsson.

If a rebuild is on the horizon, retain some salary and send EK over here, thank you.

They’ve kind of had our number

Heading into the season, the Sharks were riding an twelve-game point streak (10-0-1-1) in Philadelphia. While the streak was finally snapped back in February, over 19 years later, the Flyers have historically struggled against the Sharks. Only against the Boston Bruins do the Flyers have a worse all-time points percentage. While they don’t see each other much, the Sharks have had the Flyers’ number for some time now. However, with both teams seemingly moving in opposite directions, the tide may be shifting.

But, you know, maybe the Sharks aren’t so bad. While Jones has had moments of greatness, namely that 2016 post-season run, he’s been largely unreliable as a starter — a problem we understand far too well. And that Cup Final heartbreak? We feel you.

So while we may hate the Sharks for some things, we can also appreciate their ability to make their fans suffer through the same things we did. It brings us together, in true sports fashion.

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