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Why we hate the Boston Bruins

Do I even need to say anything else but Brad Marchand?

Photo by Len Redkoles/NHLI via Getty Images

It’s Rivalry Week(s) here at SB Nation, and oh boy we got a good one today. Up next is one of our long-time rivals, despite not being a divisional one, in the Boston Bruins. Philly and Boston have been rivals forever, and the Flyers and Bruins have been butting heads ever since the orange and black entered the league.

Now you might be thinking, “Brad Marchand, that’s the list” and honestly, that’s entirely fair! But there’s a whole bunch of other reasons to not like this team so strap in, and let’s get into it.

1. Patrice Bergeron keeps getting in the way of Sean Couturier winning a Selke Trophy

Ok so it may not be all Patrice Bergeron’s fault, but man he sure isn’t helping. Bergeron is absolutely one of the best defensive centers to ever play the game, and is still a solid defensive center even at the age of 34 in year 16 of his illustrious career. But, Couturier arguably should have won the Selke the past two seasons, and should win it this year, but has lost it both times. While Bergeron didn’t win the Selke either of those years, him being a front runner still takes away votes from our beloved 1C.

2. 2011

Otherwise known as the last series of the Jeff Carter/Mike Richards era. Sure, the 3-0 comeback the year prior in 2010 softened the blow of this loss, but in the same breath this was the last time the Flyers were legit Stanley Cup contenders until this year. This series was a nightmare before it even got started. The Flyers were coming off a seven game series vs. the Buffalo Sabres where they used three goalies, including Michael Leighton, and needed an overtime win to force game seven.

Boston would get revenge and sweep the Flyers, and the rest is history. Richards and Carter were traded, Ilya Bryzgalov was signed, and a decade of mediocrity ensued. Who knows if the Flyers end up winning a cup with their two polarizing stars, but it’s hard not to wonder what could have been.

3. Boston sports fans are the most entitled human beings alive

I mean COME ON. Since 2002 Boston sports teams have won 12 championships with six coming from the Patriots, who lost Super Bowl 52 to the Philadelphia Eagles, a game in which Tom Brady dropped a pass and Nick Foles did not. People forget this.

Where was I? Oh right Boston championships. Four Red Sox World Series’ titles, and one title for the Celtics and Bruins alike. And yet I swear all I see their fanbase do is complain. Listen I’m not saying it would be any different in Philadelphia because look at how quickly our attitudes changed towards the Eagles when they struggled in 2018. But hey, that’s one championship! Not six! Hell look at this clip of Boston sports talk radio hosts worrying more about Cam Newton celebrating too much when they just lost their franchise QB of the past two decades. I wish that was the worst of our problems folks!

4. 2010 Winter Classic

These guys started the losing streak in outdoor games for the Flyers, beating them 2-1 in overtime in the 2010 Winter Classic. The Flyers would go on to lose the 2012 Winter Classic in Philly vs. the Rangers and the 2017 Stadium Series game in Pittsburgh before finally cracking the win column last year in the Stadium Series game at Lincoln Financial Field.

5. Brad Marchand

We had to save the best for last. Marchand has been a thorn in the side of just about all NHL teams since he came into the league in 2010. He was a prime producer for that 2010-11 Bruins team that swept the Flyers, and he scored six points with four goals in said series. To say he’s been a controversial player is uh, quite the understatement.

He’s widely known as one of the dirtiest players in the league racking up many fines and suspensions along the way including the following:

Needless to say, the guy is kind of a dumbass on the ice. With that being said, what makes Marchand so unbelievably annoying is the fact he’s really good at hockey too. It would be different if this was some fourth line JAG playing five minutes a night doing this kind of stuff. But this is one of Boston’s most prolific scorers and play-drivers. In his last four seasons, including this season, Marchand has 357 points in 297 games. The guy’s a pest, and the definition of a player hated by every team’s fans except the one’s of the team he plays for, but he’s also one of the better wingers in the league.

That’s why it was so damn enjoyable when this happened

Marchand, clearly not mad and actually laughing, tweeted this out later that night.

The only nice thing I have to say about the Boston Bruins is they gave us the glorious Pooh Bear jersey. I will not be accepting @’s at this time, thank you.

Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

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