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Gritty plays with puppies

That’s it, that’s the headline.

Philadelphia Flyers

Everyone, hold onto your butts — I have the most exciting announcement in Flyers history. What is better than having a team dog? Well, not much if we’re being honest. But intermission shows FULL OF PUPPIES is absolutely on that very short list.

During the intermissions of tonight’s Philadelphia Flyers’ Round One game against the Montreal Canadiens, Gritty will take a break from game action to serve as official referee in the fluffiest game on ice, Gritty’s Pups on Ice.

The first segment of the puppy vs. puppy faceoff will air during tonight’s first intermission via Flyers Home Ice presented by Tata Consultancy Services second-screen experience. Flyers Home Ice is accessible at and launches 20 minutes before puck drop. Additional episodes of the canine competition will be aired during all Flyers game intermissions through Round One.

When asked about the referee guidelines for Gritty’s Pups on Ice, the mascot simply replied, “five for fighting, 15 for pooping.”

The Flyers are proud, long-standing supporters of PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society) and are partnering with the organization to host an additional segment at the conclusion of ‘regulation puppy play’ that will feature a different adoptable pet each game. Flyers fans interested in adopting or fostering a pet, donating, or volunteering their time with PAWS, can visit to learn more.

I’m screaming. I can’t stop screaming. Look at this.

Philadelphia Flyers

Did you ever think you needed to see Gritty with some puppies? I am not sure in my wildest dreams I could have pictured Gritty hanging out with puppies and not trying to eat one of them. He still may, who can say really. Gritty and puppies for every Flyers intermission in Round One.

Also, adoptable pets! I have volunteered with PhillyPAWS for nearly a decade and fostered tens of pets with them. They’re a great organization and I highly recommend checking them out on Instagram, Twitter, their Amazon Wishlist or just their website. Humblebrag, I sent them 10 bags of dog food last week because they needed some help restocking their pet food pantry. I’m so pumped the Flyers are working closely with this organization.


Philadelphia Flyers