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Islanders 3, Flyers 1: Yikes

Not much else to say, folks.

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Three Stars

1. The Laughton line (60.87 CF%, one goal)

Is this cheating? Sure, does anyone really care? I hope not. For a good majority of this game, the Laughton line was the only line doing much of anything for the Flyers. They were effective on the forecheck, making smart decisions in the offensive zone, shutting the Islanders down defensively, and gave the Flyers their only goal of the game.

If I had to pick just one player from this line that impressed me the most, I’d probably say it was Tyler Pitlick. He did score the lone goal, and I thought he arguably looked the best on the forecheck all night. It does need to be mentioned though just how good James van Riemsdyk and Scott Laughton looked tonight. Laughton really impressed me after being scratched in Game 2, and JVR looked maybe the best he has all playoffs.

2. Phil Myers (59.09 CF%)

Myers I thought clearly looked the best among our defensemen. He was making solid plays defensively but also making good reads offensively. He was pinching with a purpose, and picking his times to pinch wisely, and maybe most importantly picking his shots wisely.

We know Myers can get a bit shot happy where he pulls a Radko Gudas and just blasts pucks into forwards shins, but he’s been much better about that of late. He’s more content to just get the puck back in deep and let his forwards do the work.

3. Carter Hart (26 saves on 29 shots)

I debated on if I really wanted to put Hart on this list, because he didn’t exactly have a great game. All three goals were a tad bit “leaky” even if the defense didn’t help him out whatsoever. At the end of the day, Hart kept his team in the game even when they didn’t deserve to be in it, and that’s why he gets third star.

Answering the bell

1. Can the bottom six drive play?

Well, half of the bottom six did. The third line, as mentioned above, was fantastic but the fourth line just didn’t do much of anything. But, to be fair, what does it matter if the fourth line didn’t do anything when neither did the top six. There were moments where the Thompson line was at least doing a good job of just wasting time in the offensive zone, but it wasn’t sustainable. The Thompson line ended with a 37.50 Corsi-For percentage, which was the worst of the four forward lines.

2. Will the Flyers play a full 60 minutes?


Play of the game

Uh ... I guess it’s the Pitlick goal? I don’t know guys and girls, not much happened tonight, it sucked, let’s just put it behind us.