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Wednesday Morning Fly By: Midweek doldrums

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Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Flyers news and notes…

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NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-New York Islanders at Philadelphia Flyers Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

*Friends, we have kicked off the annual community draft board! That means You People will be voting on the draft order and Us People are going to be bringing you the contents. If you’re not sure how this all works, check out the number one overall pick! [BSH]

*Keith Jones thinks the Flyers are looking good for the future and he also thinks Phil Myers rules. Celebrities: they’re just like us! [NBC Sports Philly]

*Did Carter Hart garner enough respect in the Vezina voting? Some would say no, no he did not. [Inquirer]

*And while the Flyers have the above-mentioned bright future ahead, next season some key players are going to be feeling a little warmth in their seats. [BSH]

*Sometimes, during NHL awards season, you see a ballot and think to yourself, “well that makes absolutely no sense at all.” Sometimes, the makers of those ballots are nice enough to explain themselves. And maybe we all learn a little something. [The Athletic]

*Some players, under the protective cloak of anonymity, gave out some of the dirty details about life in the bubble. It’s fun to read. [ESPN]

*You guys enjoying the Final so far? One thing is clear, Dallas is going to have to stop giving the Lightning — and their ridiculous shooting talent — power plays. [ProHockeyTalk]

*And finally, did anyone else participate in the virtual Gritty 5K over the last few days? It was a fun little thing to do and, evidently, a rousing success. [Flyers]