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Thursday Morning Fly By: Sometimes we laugh

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Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Flyers news and notes…

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NHL: Exhibition-Pittsburgh Penguins vs Philadelphia Flyers Handout Photo-USA TODAY Sports

*Listen, there’s nothing wrong with getting a laugh at your enemy’s misfortune. And the Penguins made a really dumb trade. So let’s laugh at it. And hope no one saves them from themselves. [Pensburgh]

*The votes came in for the second overall pick in our community draft, and you folks went with a playmaking center. BOLD! [BSH]

*Coming in at three is a European player that’s not a Swede or a Finn, which almost never happens this high. [BSH]

*Speaking of Europe, Meltzer gives us an update on the Flyers’ prospects currently playing across the big old pond. [Flyers]

*The aforementioned potentially hilarious Penguins trade came at a rather auspicious time, as Charlie takes. a look at what we might expect from Phil Myers’ next contract. [The Athletic]

*It’s always pretty interesting when someone takes a look at the Flyers from another side, and this look at what kind of trade partners the Flyers might be for the Buffalo Sabres is no different. [Expected Buffalo]

*And finally, as we get closer to the inevitable awarding of the Stanley Cup, DGB takes a deep dive into 25 years of Stanley Cup handoffs. The content you didn’t know you needed. [The Athletic]