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Could the Flyers trade their first round pick?

Mr. Two-Trades is about to become Mr. Three-Trades.

New York Islanders v Philadelphia Flyers - Game Seven Photo by Chase Agnello-Dean/NHLI via Getty Images

Way back in the before-time of June, I wrote an article pondering whether or not the Flyers could trade up in the draft.

This was before I had done the majority of my draft research, and I wasn’t fully aware of how deep this year’s class was. Revisiting my thoughts, I’m not so sure I would like the Flyers to make any drastic moves to pick earlier in the first round. However, let’s consider the following option: the Flyers moving the first round pick entirely,

With the stellar regular season and relative success that the Flyers enjoyed in the bubble, it doesn’t appear entirely out of the realm of possibility that they could move their first round pick in a package to acquire some serious talent. This has been especially on my mind with all the talk about bringing Johnny Gaudreau back home (whether that’s a realistic possibility or not regardless).

Whether or not it would require a package including the first round pick to pry the man they call “Johnny Hockey” away from Calagry, I am not sure. However, it would certainly be a tool they could use in order to do so. This all being said, the Flyers would need to shed salary to make something like this happen, so the real story is far more complicated than I’ve made it out to be.

I think in the end, if you’re truly in on this team, then you should have some level of comfort with the Flyers trading their first round pick. The farm system is still in a healthy position, and the Flyers at the NHL level are set up for future success (success being an acronym for Carter Hart of course).

So, with that being said, if the Flyers end up making a big move this offseason, would you be comfortable with them moving their first round pick? I’m quite curious to see what the majority of BSH readers think:


Would you be comfortable with the Flyers trading their first round pick?

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