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Cam York, Bobby Brink named to Team USA Junior Evaluation Camp

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They both made the WJC team last winter, and both will be again this coming December barring something unforeseen.

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So World Junior evaluation camp is ... actually happening? Would not have guessed it. That’s something. Anywho, it is indeed happening in early October, and the Flyers’ first two draft picks from the 2019 NHL Draft will be there, as Michigan defenseman Cam York and Denver forward Bobby Brink were among 39 players named to the National Junior Team Evaluation Camp roster on Monday afternoon.

The announcement should come as very little surprise, as both York and Brink were on the team last winter as 18-year olds and therefore figure to both be there again this coming year as 19-year olds. (Assuming that the tournament, uh, happens, and players from the US can, uh, travel there.) Both of them played in all five of Team USA’s games in the tournament, but as underagers were mostly put in lower roles on the team, and this time around they’d figure to play a bigger part.

In showing up to this came, both of these players will be participating in their first organized hockey action in a while. College hockey announced it would be delaying the start of its season earlier in September, and at this time we don’t have a date when it’ll get going again. It’s a shame that the current state of affairs has prevented York and Brink from being able to get on the ice and build on pretty strong freshman year seasons (obviously not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, but here on this hockey blog, it’s a shame), but it’ll be good to see them back on the ice.

The full Team USA camp roster can be found here. The 2020-21 World Juniors are, as of now, set to begin on December 26 in Edmonton.