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BSH staff predictions: Western Conference Final

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And then there were two.

Dallas Stars v Vegas Golden Knights - Game One Photo by Dave Sandford/NHLI via Getty Images

We’ve made it almost to the end of the line, and we’re down to just two teams remaining in the West. The Dallas Stars and Vegas Golden Knights are set to kick off their Conference Final series tonight, and this sure figures to be an interesting matchup. The Golden Knights are stacked, and the Stars are hot right now, and it’ll be interesting to see how this one shakes out. And who’s going to come out of this one as the best of the West? Well, that’s the question, and we’re here to weigh in on it.

Vegas Golden Knights vs. Dallas Stars

Maddie: This kind of feels like a tough one, which is a little unexpected? I really don’t trust the Stars, and I didn’t trust them even when the first round started, and then they suddenly remembered how to score goals and started beating up on everybody and it’s like they’re a whole new team. That said, I do think Vegas is a much deeper team, and I trust them to be able to produce more consistently during a series, so I think they’re going to end up coming out of this one, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Dallas end up giving them a bit of trouble. Vegas in seven.

Ryan: I’m taking Vegas. What a shocker. I just think they’re arguably the best team in hockey right now, and I’m certain they’re significantly better than the Stars. But I’ve also said that about every team that’s faced the Stars this postseason, so...

Brad: Both teams have played well and are coming off of game seven victories. Vegas has the better roster, better goaltender, and are rocking a Corsi-For percentage and Expected Goals-For percentage above 60 in the playoffs. Like Maddie, I just trust Vegas more than Dallas to keep their level of play up. Vegas in five.

Kelly: I hate this series. It annoys me on a visceral level that Vegas is so good, because of how long I have personally suffered as a hockey fan. But I like quite a few of their extremely-fun players. My brain refuses to acknowledge the Dallas Stars exist. Yes, I know they’re good now. Yes, I know they have good players now. I don’t care. 6.5 of 10 times my brain responds with “oh yeah, the Stars.” when presented with some information about the Dallas Stars. I’m going to say Dallas in 6 so that I can be super smug and smarty pants if they win. No one will care what I said if they lose. Have fun watching Mark Stone dunk on dudes, that’s all I can tell you.

Drew: I personally want the Golden Knights to win this series, but as everyone has picked them to progress in some way, I’ll take the Dallas Stars in six games. I hope I’m wrong, but the Stars have been overachieving all playoffs and I wouldn’t be surprised if that continued.

Mike: Would have loved to the see the Avalanche and Golden Knights go at it but having to settle for a surprisingly fun Stars team that can really fill up the net. There’s plenty of star power too with Tyler Seguin, Alexander Radulov, Miro Heiskanen, John Klingberg, and playoff hero Joe Pavelski. Will be interesting to see how the rigid Knights deal with Dallas’ firepower, and they’ll need to count on coach Peter DeBoer’s system to aid a shallow defensive group —though goaltender Robin Lehner has been tremendous in net. In a long series, I’d expect Lehner to shine and be the difference maker that Vegas thought they might be getting at the trade deadline. Vegas in six.