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Monday Morning Fly By: Way she goes, sometimes

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Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Flyers news and notes…

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New York Islanders v Philadelphia Flyers - Game Seven Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

*Happy Labor Day, pals. As we spend the day with family, at the shore, having barbecues, remembering the value of our collective labor, the Flyers will be making their way home from the bubble. Here’s what we learned from this weekend’s Game 7 loss. [BSH]

*And the end was a real bummer, if we’re being honest with ourselves. It was a good season, but not a good ending. [The Athletic]

*It was the offense that did the Flyers in. The lack of it, specifically. The power play even more specifically. [Inquirer]

*The Flyers’ performance in the playoffs was... well, not great. Pretty much top to bottom. And it left the organization with some questions needing answers. [AP]

*And again, it’s hard to see now, but the season on the whole was good. The team took some major steps forward. Just not enough of them. [Inquirer]

*And now, with a few days’ distance between us and The Loss, perhaps we can think about this team with a little more clarity. Some perspective. [NBC Sports Philly]

*Anyhoo, the hockey continues. And the teams remaining in the bubble will converge in Edmonton, and their families will be able to join them. Which is nice. [ProHockeyTalk]

*This weird setup has given the NHL what is, essentially, a “Final Four” setup, which is kinda fun. [AP]

*The Western Conference Final kicked off last night, and ahead if it we made some predictions. For funsies. [BSH]

*And finally, you might not want to hear it yet, but it’s true: the Flyers are at the very beginning. It’s up from here. You’ll see. [NBC Sports Philly]