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Why is Jake Voracek so mad?

The quote heard around the world. Multiple times.

Pittsburgh Penguins v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Len Redkoles/NHLI via Getty Images

There should be multiple storylines from the 5-2 Flyers win over the Penguins Friday night. Travis Konecny scored his first NHL hat trick and had a four point night. Sean Couturier left the ice after two shifts and is having an MRI on his shoulder Saturday. Carter Hart once again bailed out mediocre team defense. Gritty was naked, for some reason.

But no one is talking about any of these things. Instead, everyone on the internet is talking about Jacob Voracek and his roast of Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Mike Sielski.

Does it matter what I say, Mike? You’re gonna write fucking shit every time so it doesn’t matter what you say. Yeah it feels different. I mean, we got four points out of these first two games. Uh, I wasn’t even gonna answer your question because you are such a weasel it’s not even funny. Next question.

Watch it again. It’s magnificent. But the question is, and has to be — what is Voracek so mad about? There seems to be an agreement that it was about this particular article where it appears Sielski was trying to get Voracek in trouble with his new coach.

From this same article:

Voracek is an offensive genius, a free spirit who channels his energy and creativity into scoring and setting up goals. But he considers diligence in the defensive zone outside the scope of his role and above his pay grade – a rich attitude for a player who is scheduled to earn $8.25 million annually for the next five years.

Friday night, Sielski had a call with Crossing Broad and explained his side of this article. He mentions tweets that never actually made it to columns and how that couldn’t possibly be the reason. Here are some of the tweets in question.

Sure some of these can be trolling, and I’m sure they are. Anyone who knows anything about Voracek and Twitter knows that he name searches and has a quick block-finger. But let us never forget the most iconic moment in Jake Voracek Twitter history:

He takes this seriously! Voracek took to Twitter and all but confirmed this was about the article above:

And honestly, who can blame him? What an iconic Philly sports moment.

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