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Betting odds for Flyers season, players

Are there any worthwhile bets to make on the Flyers’ finish to their season or players to earn awards?

Washington Capitals vs Philadelphia Flyers Photo by John McCreary/NHLI via Getty Images

The Philadelphia Flyers are heading into one of their most significant seasons in a long time. If everything goes the way they want it to, we’ll potentially see a lengthy stretch of postseason contention, if not, well, everything will be terrible. So why not commit some of your hard-earned dollars to this team and its players? It might just pay off big.

With the increased popularity of betting and some laws opening it up, it makes sense to delve deep into the odds that are specific to our favorite hockey team. So, we went ahead and scoured FanDuel to look at some of the more prominent odds and wanted to share them with you.

Note: This is not a sponsored post from FanDuel, we just thought it would be handy to have.

Team Odds

Win the President’s Trophy: +6500

The Flyers are certainly not one of the first dozen or so teams you think of when pondering who will finish the season with the most standing points, and the odds seem to agree. Coming in with the 17th-ranked odds in the league, Philadelphia is right around the level of a desperately far cry to be the best team in the regular season.

Win the Stanley Cup: +2900

Similarly, they barely squeak in the upper half of teams when considering the contenders to win the Stanley Cup, which is absolutely wild. At +2900 the Flyers are ranked 14th in the league, very far behind the favorite Colorado Avalanche.

Make the Stanley Cup Final: +1600

Okay, but what about just making the Final? Well, even with the amount of teams cut in half, the Flyers still rank 10th with their +1600 odds and anyone with a sane mind making that bet, might need to revise what they do with their money. No advice here, but, maybe don’t do that.

Win the Metropolitan Division: +850

Well it is certainly easier to win an eight-team division than winning the Cup or making the Final, but the Flyers are still a far stretch with just the Columbus Blue Jackets (+10000) and the New Jersey Devils (+2000) having less of a chance to be crowned the top spot of the division. It is certainly possible for any of the Flyers or the five other teams finishing with the most points and it’s going to be close regardless and the odds back it up — the New York Islanders lead the way with +340 and the Flyers aren’t far behind with +850.

Player Award Odds

The Flyers have been represented in consecutive NHL Award ceremonies with Sean Couturier snatching up the 2020 Selke Trophy and Oskar Lindblom earning the 2021 Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy, but you can only bet on some of those and to bet on a Philadelphia athlete to be nationally awarded for three years in a row is a lot.

If you’re feeling lucky, then maybe you can keep your eye on some of these odds before the season gets going.

Note: We could not find anywhere that had Selke Trophy odds, but we just have to assume that Sean Couturier is one of the top leaders. Most likely it’s just too weird of an award category for oddsmakers to really set some standard. Huh.

Win the Hart Trophy

Sean Couturier: +9500

You think that Couturier is going to lead the Flyers into a historic season and be handed the MVP? Well you’re certainly going to get a lot of cash if you want to put your money where your mouth is. He certainly has plenty of competition, but the top centerman’s +9500 odds leads all Flyers players.

Travis Konecny: +11000

Feeling even more lucky? Well go ahead and put some money on Travis Konecny winning the Hart. Lmao.

Claude Giroux: +11000

This one might actually happen (should have already) and at +11000 there are certainly plenty of worse players with higher odds according to FanDuel. Giroux will always be at the top of the lineup and on the top powerplay unit, so, uh, if the Flyers are good so is he.

Win the Vezina Trophy

Carter Hart: +3400

After last season, this would not be a very popular bet to make and Hart being crowned the league’s top goaltender for the 2021-22 season is certainly a risky one. Considering that he has the same odds as oft-injured Ben Bishop to get the Vezina, maybe this one should be stayed away from. But what do I know? He’s going to play a lot behind a revamped defense.

Win the Norris Trophy

Ryan Ellis: +2900

Speaking of defense, leading the charge for Flyers blueliners to earn the Norris is Ryan Ellis and at +2900 it’s not that far-fetched for him to lift the trophy at the end of the season. He has the same odds as a lot of other players and highly-acclaimed dudes like Jaccob Slavin, John Klingberg, John Carlson, and Miro Heiskanen. This one’s interesting.

Ivan Provorov: +7500

His defensive partner is also getting some love, but Ivan Provorov might not be the most popular projected Norris winner with a +7500.

Keith Yandle: +7500

Maybe whoever made these odds have not looked at the most recent practice lines or Flyers depth charts, but for a third-pairing defenseman to somehow win the Norris and it being the same odds as someone that will be playing a lot more, is wild.

Rasmus Ristolainen: +11000

Again, it’s Rasmus Ristolainien. If you’re putting actual real dollars on this, please just donate it to Broad Street Hockey instead.

Individual Over/Unders

Claude Giroux: 56.5 points

Instead of betting against the other teams and other players underperforming and the Flyers representatives earning the spot as the best in their position, these are the nice little individual bets we can make that are so much more straight-forward.

Do you think Giroux is going to miss a significant amount of time due to injury? Well if not, then maybe him scoring 57 or more points this season is a fairly easy lay-up bet to make. The captain has earned 181 points in 205 games through the last three seasons, so it’s not like any rate of production is plummeting, it’s just whether he’s actually on the ice.

Sean Couturier: 65.5 points

Through the last three or so seasons, Couturier has had the similar rate of point production as Giroux and trails just slightly behind earning one per game. Certainly more risky and a difficult number to think about and think about what kind of player is going to be on the other side of Giroux and Couturier’s partnership — but that just proves that the over/under number is set perfectly since we all need to sit and ponder it for a little bit.

There are certainly a number of interesting and risky bets to make, but if you’re living on the edge as a Flyers fan anyway, then maybe just try and treat yourself for a nice surprise at the end of the season.