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Postgame 12/14

NHL: New Jersey Devils at Philadelphia Flyers Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Over 20 years ago the Berserk Postal Clerks recorded their seminal album “We Suck” and on the title track, sang “where is this going? what’s the use?” and...

Honestly, yeah, I just wanted to make a reference to a local ska band that maybe three people reading this will understand.


I still think those lyrics work here.

Because while winning is more fun than losing, it really kind of feels like we’re just delaying the inevitable here.

Cam Atkinson’s hat trick was cool. Oskar Lindblom scoring was great. Glad to see Travis Sanheim finally net his first of the year. Claude Giroux continues to impress. Carter Hart has been fantastic.

But what is this team’s true ceiling? Say Ryan Ellis comes back, and Joel Farabee returns and produces without weeks-long cold streaks, and maybe Wade Allison comes up and stays healthy and builds on what he was able to do at the end of last season. Are they still anywhere close to where we need them to be?

And is there a path to get there without a serious overhaul?

All of these questions will probably answer themselves over the next few months, but personally, I’d prefer they be answered now, so we can get on with our lives.

What do you think?

Listen to the postgame.

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