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BSH Radio #335: So... what now?

Is this A Christmas Carol meets Groundhog Day?

NHL: Tampa Bay Lightning at Philadelphia Flyers Mitchell Leff-USA TODAY Sports

Are the Philadelphia Flyers sucking you back in? Do you feel yourself repeating the same unhealthy patterns?

Whether you’re an optimist or a pessimist when it comes to the present and future of the Broad Street Bullies, this show has something for you.

How can they afford the talent they need if just a few more tweaks can put them over the top? If Carter Hart is as good as we think he is, can they actually go into a full Process-style rebuild?

Are you capable of feeling joy in the little moments when you know the big picture is still grim?

This is a self-reflective episode of BSH Radio in which Kelly, Charlie and Bill try to determine which path they’re most comfortable with for the short and longterm future of this franchise.

Listen to the brand new episode, and then maybe think about subscribing wherever you find your podcasts. And then after you subscribe, you could try on a 5-star review for size. Just saying.

Anyway, check out the latest episode.

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