Preferred Team

While the Flyers are well and truly injured at the moment, the team I would like them to ice when healthy is as follows:

Farabee / Couturier / Konecny

Giroux / Frost / Atkinson

Brassard / Hayes / Allison

Linblom / Laughton / Willman

Provorov / Ellis

Sanheim /Ristolainen

Yandle / Braun

At the deadline I would like them to move on from JVR and Ristolainen and utilise that money to try and get another top 4 defender during the offseason (not much in FA market, trade maybe needed) while giving York a lengthy audition to finish the year. Other rental exits could be Brassard (replaced by Frost), Yandle and Braun (if they decide to hold onto Ristolainen.

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