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Monday Morning Fly By: Low point?

Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Flyers news and notes…

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Heather Barry

*Great news, the Flyers play again tonight. They play another really good team. It’s great. Last night was a disaster. Here’s a recap.

*The Avalanche haven’t been the unstoppable juggernaut of years’ past so far this season, but don’t get it twisted: they’re really good. And may have arguably the most exciting young defenseman in the league. You may know him, he was drafted right after Nolan Patrick. [The Athletic]

*In case you missed it, Joel Farabee is out for the foreseeable. Because things only get worse here. [BSH]

*Apparently the Flyers are working on spending less time in their own zone, and if last night’s game is any indication, they need to work harder. [Inquirer]

*Morgan Frost has looked fairly good though eh? Like a competent third line center, right? That’s good! Like, relatively, really good. [Inquirer]

*The idea that the Flyers need to engage the nuclear option is gaining traction. That’s fun. [The Hockey News]

*Steve Dangle’s podcast up in Canada had a nice little segment on the disaster that is your Flyers right now. (FYI: this is a video) [SDP]

*Okay so real talk how much longer can Alain Vigneault keep his job? Because this is precisely the kind of stretch that gets a coach — ANY COACH — fired. [NBC Sports Philly]

*So when — and really, it’s “when” at this point — they part ways with AV, who might they look to as a replacement? [BSH]

*Halfway through last night’s third period we learned it’s probably not going to be Bruce Boudreau:

*And finally... what if they go a completely different route and trying something radically different? [BSH]

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