The Flyers are Terminal

The Flyers have had 3 GM's, 6 coaches (two on an Interim Basis), and two owners in the last decade. No combination of owner/GM/ coach has found regular success with this team.

There have been a few brief impressive stretches. However, they are always followed by a significant downturn. Despite being the hottest team in the league going into the COVID-19 pause, the Flyers missed the playoffs last year and are on pace to do so again. The hot streak prior to the COVID pause feels like a long time ago. A very long time.

The team is in purgatory; Not bad enough to receive the necessary high draft picks to have a chance at building a winning team, but also not good enough to be a threat or put together a full season of acceptable play. Pittsburg (Crosby, Malkin, Fleury), Los Angeles (Kopitar and Doughty), Chicago (Toews and Kane), and Tampa (Stamkos and Hedman) all have one thing in common. They all won multiple cups and had sustained success after rebuilding, being terrible for a few seasons, and hitting on the top draft picks they received.

The above sentiment is the formula for building a winning team in the cap era. It does not guarantee success, but it makes it possible. The Flyers need to rebuild if they want to change their fortunes and be anything other than a middling team who constantly disappoints. This team, as currently constructed, is not a few moves away.

Carter Hart and Joel Farabee should be kept. Everyone else worth anything should be traded for draft picks and prospects, as a new GM rebuilds this team via the only proven way in the cap era.

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