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Flyers fall to the Bruins outside, again

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The Flyers are now 1-4 in outdoor games.

NHL Outdoors At Lake Tahoe - Philadelphia Flyers v Boston Bruins Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Ah, the great outdoors. Maybe it’s time to stop giving the Flyers outdoor games. Carter Hart got the start but wouldn’t finish, while Tuukka Rask picked up the victory for the Bruins. Truthfully, they weren’t supposed to win this game. So in theory, one could say they did what they were supposed to do. Or something. Let’s get into it.

1st period

It took just 34 seconds for David Pastrnak to give the Bruins an early lead. After a blocked shot, Brad Marchand rushed up the ice on a two-on-one with Pastrnak, and set up a one-timer. Ivan Provorov really didn’t play the shot or the pass, and Hart couldn’t make the desperation save.

When the fourth line is on the ice, the Flyers have four defensemen and one forward out there. Just let that marinate. And this is by choice, as David Kase was a healthy scratch tonight!

The bee is scoring at an alarming rate.

Sean Couturier sure made his presence felt in this one, as after assisting on the Farabee tally, he’d go on to give the Flyers the lead. Could I sing the praises of Couturier for at least ten paragraphs? Certainly. Instead, here’s a look at the goal.

The lead would not last long, however, as Charlie McAvoy would beat Hart with a point shot.

Listen ... that’s just gorgeous. Would’ve loved to see Hart make the stop here, but boy did he sure contribute to an aesthetically pleasing goal for Boston.

At this point of the game, the glare has mostly subsided after a pretty brutal start for puck tracking. Great for both the players and the viewers. Though that may have been the last positive of the night for Flyers fans.

The new-look fourth line created a great chance in the closing minutes, but Rask kept Mark Friedman off the board. Friedman’s looked alright for his first reps at wing, better than Sam Morin has looked out there.

End of the 1st: 2-2 tie

2nd period

Pastrnak. Once again in the first minute of a period.

How many NHLers can you confidently say are better than Pastrnak? That list should be extremely short.

The first ten minutes of the period had been all Bruins, but the Flyers showed some signs of life after a successful penalty kill with an odd-man rush. Phil Myers and Kevin Hayes had just McAvoy and Rask in between them and the tying marker, but McAvoy reminded everyone of just how good he is, not allowing Myers to get his shot on target.

But the Bruins take charge again, this time it’s Charlie Coyle giving them a two-goal lead. Oh, and then it happened again. And again. Three goals in 99 seconds; cool. For some reason, Hart stayed in the net through all of this, even though he’s looked off tonight.

Alright, this was (not) fun. The Flyers did a commendable job holding their own in the first period without many of their regulars, but it really fell apart in the middle frame.

This game had the precise vibe of a Dave Hakstol-coached game, starting with the pre-game lineup decision to roll with two defensemen on the wing.

End of the 2nd: 6-2 Bruins

3rd period

Brian Elliott has taken over in goal, unsurprisingly, and Pastrnak didn’t score in the first minute so that’s an improvement!

Let’s be honest — you’re not still reading this. You’ve either left by now or have gone directly to the comment section to air your grievances. I support these decisions.

But for those of you still around; hi, hello, hope you had a nice weekend. Mattias Ekholm would look pretty good in a Flyers jersey, eh? Probably have to give the Predators their first round pick, as well as a quality prospect or two middling prospects. The Flyers are firmly in win-now mode, even with their early-season process struggles, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a better defenseman available.

The Flyers had a power play and truthfully, I didn’t look at it one time. I can only assume it was bad, and odds are that assumption would be correct.

It’s hard to get too fussed over this game (I’m lying, it is always easy to get fussed) with the Flyers missing so many regulars, however, it’s also just ... boring. Maybe it’s my Flyers-bias and I’d be loving this game if they were up 6-2, but this game has just not done a good job holding my interest, if that has not been made obvious by now.

James! That’s a real hockey goal from the Flyers, as van Riemsdyk uses the power of physics to have the puck go in off of Urho Vaakanainen.

van Riemsdyk continues his unreal start to the season with another three-point game this evening. He may very well be on his way to Seattle this off-season, and if this turns out to be his final season in Philadelphia, he’s ending his Flyers career on an extremely strong note.

Pastrnak completes the hat trick.

Final: 7-3 Bruins

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