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How are we really feeling right now?

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Let’s take the pulse of the fanbase, shall we?

Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

You may have heard; Chuck Fletcher made a small move today, and then Ron Hextall swooped in and made that small move into a bigger one. Way she goes sometimes in this league, right?

Before Chuck’s decision to waive Mark Friedman, we heard from you about what your feelings on the GM are at the moment. Turns out, a lot of you are pretty happy with what he’s done for the team thus far.

When you get down to it, though, the decision to waive Friedman didn’t start with Fletcher. It started with Alain Vigneault, who clearly didn’t like what he saw in the defenseman. Despite ongoing struggles from Robert Hagg and Erik Gustafsson, Friedman couldn’t find his way into AV’s lineup. So, how are we feeling about Coach?

Safe to say the honeymoon with Alain isn’t over yet.

Overall it seems like the opinion of you, our dear readers, on the team as a whole is trending downward, however. Not hard to imagine why — it’s be a rough few weeks for the boys, and after Sunday’s terrible showing in Lake Tahoe, morale within the fanbase is pretty low.

The most shocking part of this latest edition of SB Nation reacts, though? A small majority of hockey fans are happy with Gary Bettman as Commissioner. Not us though right? We know better here.