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Orange is the color of no energy

Postgame 3/11

NHL: Washington Capitals at Philadelphia Flyers Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

I’ll be here a while thinking about that one.

The first straw was surrendering the first goal, but the game was a not-so-beautiful disaster in which the Philadelphia Flyers lost, yet again, to the Washington Capitals.

Philly played like a bunch of creatures without a purpose most of the night and have now gone 2-5-1 against NOT-BUFFALO since returning from the Covid break in mid-February.

Whatever the problem is, the orange and black need to wake their minds up quick, because they’ve got a ton of games to play in not a lot of time and they won’t stay home for all of them; after Saturday’s finale with Washington they’ve got four straight and six-of-10 on the road.

Anyway, even I couldn’t see beyond the gray sky in this one, because this team constantly makes the same mistake twice.

Ok, I’m over this. Put the postgame on you sound system.