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Flyers look lifeless on Long Island, lose 6-1

I really don’t know what to say anymore, folks.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

First Period

Well, before the puck drop this was already a less than ideal situation for the Flyers. Sean Couturier was a late scratch due to a lower-body-injury, which in my professional opinion, is not good.

Even with missing their best center, they actually got off to a solid start in this game. Nothing all that impressive, but they held their own against what we know is a tough Islanders team. Then Travis Konecny had a miserable shift, turning the puck over on what should have been a clean zone exit, and then taking a penalty at the other end. This lead to a bit of puck luck for the Islanders, resulting in a Jean-Gabriel Pageau goal.

Less than two minutes later and it’s 2-0 Islanders. Pain.

Oh look, this time they went two minutes without allowing a goal, 3-0 Islanders. What even is life anymore?

Believe me I tried to find anything to write about in between the third and fourth goals, there’s nothing there folks, nothing at all.

Then to just really drive the stake through the heart, of all people to drop the gloves and try and get their team going, it’s Oskar Lindblom. The 24-year-old cancer survivor has to drop the gloves to spark the team. Bless this kid.

Thankfully the team did somewhat wake up after the fight, and Joel Farabee seemingly the only one who knows what to do in a 2-on-1 on this team, sniped one by Sorokin to make it 4-1 Islanders as we head into the second period.

Second Period

So much for the whole, “maybe the fight will wake up the team” thing am I right?

Carter Hart made some huge saves this period to keep the game close, but man that’s about as unimpressive an offensive period as it gets. The Islanders are a great defensive team, but at a certain point they just have to overcome that. Make your own luck, make life hell for them anyway you can, DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING.

Erik Gustafsson (who should totally be in the lineup over Shayne Gostisbehere) drew a penalty and hey they actually got some decent chances on the power play. But because it’s this Flyers team, nothing came of it. Farabee and van Riemsdyk did a lot of good, and even Nolan Patrick got a good luck on a deflection try, but it wasn’t enough.

Still 4-1 heading into the final 20 minutes.

Third Period

The Islanders tacked on two more goals because this team has no idea how to play defense, or hockey for that matter.

6-1 Islanders win, I repeat, pain.