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The indignities of Flyers fandom, volume infinity

Postgame 3/23

NHL: New Jersey Devils at Philadelphia Flyers Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

I just... I don’t even know anymore.

How is ANY team this bad? This unmotivated? This immune to embarrassment?

You’d think wearing the Philadelphia Flyers orange and black, wanting to represent a city full of blood thirsty maniacs dying to win, desperate to get back to the top of the hockey world again, would be enough for a group of players who themselves have accomplished exactly nothing of note as a group to strive for greatness.

Alas, that appears not to be the case.

They subject us nightly to lazy, stationary hockey, watching as opponents, supposedly inferior, work the puck around them with ease and, eventually, into the back of their net.

Why do they do this to us? Have we not been loyal? Do we not support them enough?

Seriously. What the fuck, guys?

Anyway, here’s a podcast that is without a doubt more entertaining than the game it followed.