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They lost to Buffalo. BUFFALO.

Postgame 3/31

NHL: Philadelphia Flyers at Buffalo Sabres Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports


Just like...


The Philadelphia Flyers are terrible.

Like, the worst.

Philly lost to the Buffalo freakin’ Sabres last night. And they just didn’t “lose.” They got blown out. Killed. Dismantled, 6-1 at the hands of a team that’d lost its previous 18 game. Eight-fucking-teen.

Fun fact: Buffalo went 1-15-3 between February 25 and last night, accruing five points. Four of those points, the only four the Sabres notched in the month of March, all came at the Flyers’ expense.

There isn’t much left to say about this team, but we sure gave it a shot on postgame.