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Massive changes made to Flyers front office, coaching staff, after loss to Buffalo

The reckoning is here.

NHL: Philadelphia Flyers at Buffalo Sabres Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

After what can only be described as an utterly pathetic performance from the Philadelphia Flyers on Wednesday night, Flyers management decided enough was enough as Chuck Fletcher, Alain Vigneault, and a few other select coaches were put to the sword.

It was announced by the team that the staff listed had been terminated with immediate effect, and that the search for a new General Manager and Head Coach would begin, headed by Comcast Spectacor CEO David Scott.

It is clearly evident that the team’s poor play and new direction under Vigneault and Fletcher was dissatisfactory to higher management, and they now look to pivot with a roster that may very well be shaken up.

And well hey, if you’ve gotten this far, happy April Fools day!

Truly last night, we were the fools as we witnessed the embarrassment that is losing to a historically bad Sabres club that clearly had earned some galvanized confidence from playing the sordid Flyers. If this loss doesn’t spark some sort of organizational change, nothing will, and it’s truly a shame to see a club ran with such passion and fervor for winning in the past fall victim to the trend of soulless corporate ownership.

Obviously the issues plaguing the Flyers right now are dual-fold, with blame being passed to both coaches/staff and players. When the term “organizational change” is floated around, it is abundantly clear that both aspects of the Flyers need to be altered in some way. Otherwise, the Flyers risk their entire fanbase, who once have already fallen into the depths of apathy that can come with a rebuilding team. The city of Philadelphia is quite familiar with rebuilds, and if anything, the city is familiar with how to do it correctly. There is already an example with the Sixers (well this is up for debate, but after years of losing and rebuilding, following a coaching change, they are now one of the best teams in the NBA, so it is a relevant example).

So, if anything, this April Fools day, the Flyers should reflect on how they played the fool on Wednesday, and how not to ever have a repeat of that type of performance again. They are teetering on a dangerous line, and time is running out to correct it.

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