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Flyers recall Tanner Laczynski and Linus Sandin to the Taxi Squad

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COLLEGE HOCKEY: FEB 01 Ohio State at Michigan Photo by Scott W. Grau/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We’ve got a bit of fun news happening today! Well, fun if you like the prospects, we suppose. Anyway, the Flyers have done a bit of shuffling with their AHL and Taxi Squad rosters, sending Carsen Twarynski and Connor Bunnaman to the Phantoms and then recalling Tanner Laczynski and Linus Sandin to the Taxi Squad.

Laczynski is off to a really stellar start to his first professional season. He’s sixth on the Phantoms in scoring, with six goals and four assists in 10 games played, while also posting really solid underlying numbers, with a 58.49 CF% and 70 HDCF% at 5-on-5, per our pal Brad’s tracking over at Phancy Stats. He’s been one of the Phantoms’ best playmakers to start the season, and it’s been a real treat to watch,

Sandin’s season has been a bit more up and down (he’s only put up five points in his first 13 games, as well as a 48.53 CF% and 46.34 HDCF%). He’s still adjusting to the AHL game, but he’s been working well towards really hitting his stride, it’s just been a bit of a slower adjustment.

This move allows for Bunnaman and Twarynski, who haven’t been playing much, to get some more games in at long last, while giving Laczynski and Sandin a bump and chance to get into the mix with the NHL squad. Are we definitely going to be seeing them as soon as the Flyers play next? That’s a tough bet to bank on, but it does stand to reason that we’ll be seeing them debut in the relatively near future.