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Preview: Flyers face Rangers for final time this season

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Wade Allison is the only thing enjoyable about this team right now.

Philadelphia Flyers v New York Rangers Photo by Jared Silber/NHLI via Getty Images

The Philadelphia Flyers are flirting with my hope for the future of this team.

After another last-minute desperate win over the New York Rangers on Thursday, they have the pleasure of facing them less than 24 hours later.

As we count down the remaining games of this dreadful season into single digits and await the eventual mathematical playoff contention elimination, all we’re really looking for is individual improvement at this point.

Whether it’s Wade Allison making his mark and more than earning a spot in next season’s lineup or Joel Farabee ascending to be the Offensive God that he demonstrated earlier, it’s all eyes on the future and scrubbing any memory of this season off of our dirty and disgusting brains.

It’s difficult to look at this forward lineup and spot any room for massive improvement, other than the established individuals improving their season totals down this stretch. Maybe by playing with some spunky new dudes will help them cruise into a not-so-terrible point production, but that’s all we really have to grasp on to.

This is the last time Philadelphia will face the Rangers, so we only have to look at Adam Fox twirling around on the blue line or Artemi Panarin rushing past any helpless Flyers defender, for 60 more minutes.

Due to the two points earned last night—just to spite everyone that wants this team to tank—the Flyers are hovering around the sixth spot in the East Division and just outside of the top half in the overall league standings.

Meanwhile, the Rangers are still in a similar position despite actually trying to be a good hockey team. Currently fifth and eight points below the Boston Bruins who have two games in hand over them. Any hope for a playoff appearance for the scummy rags has become just twinkle in Jeff Gorton’s eye. On the other end of the goaltending spectrum, New York has gotten support from young stud Igot Shesterkin and his .920 save percentage. That sucks.

Luckily for us, it will be Alexandar Georgiev most likely taking the reins, who has earned just a .902 save percentage and has been a slightly below-average NHL netminder this season. Except the fact that Georgiev has stopped 46 of 48 shots he faced through his two starts against the Flyers this season, theoretically he’s the better of the two to try and face.

For Philadelphia, it will be Alex Lyon making his third appearance and second start this season. With Carter Hart still battling a nagging injury, it’s Lyon’s turn to face the fire of the Rangers’ offense and try his luck at improving his .880 save percentage. Ah.

Whether it is a 9-0 defeat that has the hockey world laughing at the Flyers, or a puck careening off of James van Riemsdyk’s face and into the back of the net, at least some entertainment has come out of this matchup.

Let’s just hope for that.