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Flyers prospect report: The Phantoms are back!

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At long last!

Heather Barry / SB Nation

Prospects playing in the AHL

Mason Millman (LHD), Lehigh Valley Phantoms (AHL)

2019 4th Round Pick, 103rd overall

With the Phantoms having a bit of an excess of defensemen right now, Millman was out of the rotation when they first got back into action. His only game was Monday’s and while it was quiet on the scoresheet, it was still a fine one, as Millman brought some good energy and was engaged physically.

David Kase (LW), Lehigh Valley Phantoms (AHL)

2015 5th Round Pick, 128th overall

Kase was dealing with an injury before the Phantoms’ pause, and while he got in for their first game back—he was fine in a pretty poor game for the team as a whole—he was held out for the next three. We’ll see if he gets back in tonight.

Egor Zamula (LHD), Lehigh Valley Phantoms (AHL)


  • 4/21 - 0 SOG
  • 4/23 - 2 assists, 2 SOG
  • 4/24 - 1 assist, 1 SOG

Despite a quiet showing in last Wednesday’s game, overall Zamula has looked really solid since the Phantoms returned. He’s looked more confident and has made a few nice offensive plays while also bringing a whole lot of defensive steadiness. It’s all really starting to come together for him (enough that it earned him an NHL call-up!).

Linus Hogberg (LHD), Lehigh Valley Phantoms

2016 5th Round Pick, 139th overall

Did not play.

Wyatte Wylie (RHD), Lehigh Valley Phantoms

2018 5th Round Pick, 127th overall

Not a whole lot going on for Wylie on the scoresheet this week, but it was still a fine enough group of showings for him. He’s still working out some of the finer details of his game, but things are starting to stabilize for him as he continues to adjust to the AHL level.

Zayde Wisdom (C), Lehigh Valley Phantoms

2020 4th Round Pick, 94th overall

Did not play.

Pascal Laberge (C), Lehigh Valley Phantoms

2016 2nd Round Pick, 36th overall

With the Phantoms still being without some key pieces, that opened up a spot for Laberge to get back into the regular rotation, and he’s pretty well run with that chance. He had some nice chances in his first few games, but really made his mark on Monday, when he scored just 10 seconds into the game. Pretty neat!

Felix Sandstrom (G), Lehigh Valley Phantoms

2015 3rd Round Pick, 70th overall

  • 4/21 - 4 GA, 28 saves, .875 SV%
  • 4/23 - did not play
  • 4/24 - 2 GA, 37 saves, .949 SV%
  • 4/26 - did not play

Sandstrom split these four games, getting two starts, and they were pretty polar opposite. In fairness, just about everyone struggled in that first game, and Sandstrom was no different in looking like he had quite a bit of rust to shake off. But he was really sharp in his next start on Saturday, keeping the team in the game while they gave up a ton of chances, pretty well securing the win for them.

Isaac Ratcliffe (LW), Lehigh Valley Phantoms

2017 2nd Round Pick, 35th overall

It isn’t totally reflected in the box score here, but Ratcliffe was an absolute force for the Phantoms this week. The goal was nice, but he also generated a bunch of chances and was really effective in transition. Everything really seems to be clicking for him right now, and he’s been a real treat to watch.

Tyson Foerster (LW), Lehigh Valley Phantoms

2020 1st Round Pick, 23rd overall

Foerster’s still rolling, folks! He’s really finding his form at the professional level, and he picked up three more goals in these last three games, he looks dangerous all over the ice, and he just can’t seem to slow down. He still hasn’t been able to pick up a hat trick, though, as close as he keeps coming. Maybe he finds a way before the end of the season? Wouldn’t that be fun.

Cam York (LHD), Lehigh Valley Phantoms

2019 1st Round Pick, 14th overall

At long last! After five weeks off (if you can believe it) between Michigan’s end of the season, York’s signing and trip to Philly, and the Phantoms’ shutdown, York was finally able to make his professional debut this week. His first game was a little rough—he looked both rusty and a little nervous—but as soon as the second game hit, it was like a switch flipped and he was his regular confident self again. He picked up his first goal on Monday but was really active offensively in the couple of games before that.

Wade Allison (RW), Lehigh Valley Phantoms

2016 2nd Round Pick, 52nd overall

Allison’s a Flyer now!

Tanner Laczynski C), Lehigh Valley Phantoms (AHL)

2016 6th Round Pick, 169th overall

The Flyers announced yesterday that Laczynski had surgery to repair a torn labrum, and he would be out for four months. It’s a tough break but, at the very least, that timeline has him on track to start next season on time.

Maksim Sushko (RW), Lehigh Valley Phantoms

2019 4th Round Pick, 107th overall

Did not play. Sushko remains out with injury.

Prospects playing in Canadian junior

Connor McClennon (RW), Winnipeg Ice (WHL)

2020 6th Round Pick, 178th overall

It was something of an uncharacteristically quiet week for McClennon, as he only (“only”) picked up three points in these four games, but he still got a whole lot of chances for himself, picking up 20 shots in total.

Prospects playing in Europe

Matej Tomek (G), KalPa (Liiga)

2015 3rd Round Pick, 90th overall

It’s playoff time for KalPa, but Tomek seems to have fallen out of favor a bit. He backed up in all four of these games and didn’t see the ice in any.