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The Two O’Clock Number: $1,088.92

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There have been a lot of goals in Flyers games this season, in ways that are so beyond comprehension that even oddsmakers haven’t quite been able to efficiently capture it.

Philadelphia Flyers v New Jersey Devils
Myers and Provorov seen here, celebrating a goal another over hit in a Flyers game.
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

$1,088.92 — the amount of money you would have made if you bet $100 on the over on every Flyers game this season.

Inspired by the very weird first few minutes of the third period of last night’s loss to the Devils, in which the Flyers quickly wiped out a two-goal deficit only to give up another goal shortly thereafter to make the score 4-3 Devils, I tweeted out the following:

Then, realizing that I, in fact, could just do this rather than be a lazy bum and ask the Internet to do it for me, I did this. With a bit of help from the Action Network, I went and pulled the over/under line on DraftKings from each of the Flyers’ 49 games so far this season (I chose DraftKings for the very scientific reason of “they were the first legal site with their line listed on the site I used to pull the information”) and checked the result, and weighed it against a potential $100 bet on each game. (No, I do not have $100 sitting around to bet on every Flyers game, it’s just a nice clean number.)

The result? The Flyers and their opponent have teamed up to hit the over in 31 of their 49 games this season, and if you made the aforementioned bet on every game, you’d have counted up $1,088.92 in winnings through last night’s game. The over has been money against nearly every opponent, with the exceptions being the Islanders (perhaps unsurprisingly) and the Rangers (perhaps more surprisingly).

Flyers games this season have, indeed, been chaos. If, by “chaos”, we mean “occasional spurts of exciting offense coupled with very subpar defense as well as some of the worst team-level goaltending we’ve seen at the NHL level in a while”. If you’ve managed to take advantage of that, good for you.

Disclaimer: the contents of this article should not be taken as gambling advice.