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Wednesday Morning Fly By: And now, sellers

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Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Flyers news and notes…

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*The Flyers played an outstanding second period but that was it. And so they lost to the Bruins, pushing the playoff hopes just a little further out of reach. RECAP!

*We’re officially less than a week from the trade deadline which means for the next less-than-a-week it’s going to be all trade talk, all the time. As such, which players currently on the TSN Trade Bait Tracker would be a good fit on the Flyers? [BSH]

*Charlie takes a look at what might be available in the defenseman market to see where the Flyers might find some help on the blueline. [The Athletic]

*Speaking of defensemen that might help the Flyers; we keep hearing about those guys in Nashville. But what about the big boy down in Dallas? [NBC Sports Philly]

*In the latest 31 Thoughts, Friedman doubles down on the idea that the Flyers might trade Scott Laughton. The destination, though? Oh boy. [Sportsnet]

*We know what the Flyers need to do at the deadline. Theoretically. But what about everybody else? [ProHockeyTalk]

*If you’re still wondering who the best available players might be, a list may help you. [Yahoo Sports Canada]

*And finally... the latest prospect report! Nothing to do with the trade deadline here at all! Just checking in on what the kids are up to, that’s all. [BSH]