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Coots, there it is!

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You need another tee shirt.

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New York Rangers v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Len Redkoles/NHLI via Getty Images

You’re probably not really enthusiastic about the Flyers right now. It’s been a rough year. No two ways about it. Speaking of two ways...


...see what I did there? It’s funny, because the trophy is awarded to the best two-way player in the league each season, and Sean Couturier won the trophy, because he’s a very good two-way player.

Now that you’ve been hooked by that top-tier comedy, allow us to present the newest in the Breaking T range of Flyers tee shirts: Coots There It Is!

Breaking T tee shirts are super soft and comfy, last for a long time through many washes unlike SOME brands (rhymes with mechanics), and their Flyers-themed shirts let you express your fandom in a way that’s a little more interesting than just a logo.

The brand new Coots There It Is shirt is available now, just in time for peak tee shirt season. You can’t have too many sports tee shirts, trust us.