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BSH Interviews: Lauren “I got sheet caked by Gritty” Lam

We needed something fun to happen, and this is it!

New York Islanders v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Len Redkoles/NHLI via Getty Images

You may find yourself, like many, wondering what the hell is happening in that video. I am one of those watching and laughing and thinking ‘what in the world is happening here’ until I realized THAT’S MY FRIEND.

Lauren Lam, local Philadelphia Flyers fan, has been trying to get Gritty to do this to her since December 2019, this was her Festivus dream.

The campaign only grew stronger through 2020 and listen, my girl has goals.

And then, AND THEN, it happened. With no notice, with no warning, Gritty dropped this video on his social media and THERE WAS LAUREN. If it’s good enough for ESPN, it’s good enough for Broad Street Hockey. I had to know everything, so I set up a Zoom call and asked all of the tough questions like: what, why, why again, and also how.

Check out the interview, it’s even more ridiculous, unhinged, and fun than you think.