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Flyers’ draft lottery odds released

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The lottery odds for the 2021 NHL Draft have been released, and, well, the Philadelphia Flyers are there.

2020 NHL Draft - Round One Photo by Brian Born/NHLI via Getty Images

As the Philadelphia Flyers are sitting on the outside of the postseason, there is at least one thing to look forward too — an event we did not see ourselves paying attention to 12 months ago. That’s right, it’s the draft lottery.

The balls are going to be bouncing on June 2. A night that will surely be filled with either elated ecstasy or several shrugs, not really sure of how to feel with their spot in the first round of the 2021 NHL Draft.

For the Flyers, they have the 14th highest odds, shuffled down a spot due to the introduction of the Seattle Kraken — who are guaranteed at least the fifth-overall selection. In that position, they will have a 1.8% chance of walking away with the top pick.

The night will consist of two draws: the first will determine the team selecting first overall, and the second will be for the second overall pick. Fairly straight forward stuff.

One interesting tidbit of information, is that due to the Arizona Coyotes scandal that resulted in them forfeiting their 2021 first-round pick, every other team’s odds are slightly higher than listed. If the Coyotes are drawn in either lottery, it will result in a re-draw, giving the other 15 clubs a higher chance.

With no true top prospect and the uncertainty of no junior hockey really going on this season — other than a couple dozen games or so from a few leagues — this draft is set up to be one of the weirder ones in recent memory. Michigan defenseman Owen Power, his teammate Matthew Beniers, Swedish forward William Eklund, and Barrie Colts defenseman Brandt Clarke, are just some of the names that could be announced as the first selection.

Even if the Flyers are given one of the top picks, there will surely be debate and concern for who they will select. On the other hand, if they keep their 13th-overall selection, they could potentially find some higher potential there than usual. It’s weird and, as with every draft, we won’t really know if it’s a good pick until a couple years from now.

But hey, at least it’s something to look forward to after this season of misery.